My Daughter's Bimbo Friend

If I hear one more sound outta her, I'm going to lose my mind.

I sighed as I contemplated the stack of papers on my desk, regretting the life decisions that led me to this point. Accepting tenure at the university seemed like a good idea at first, but I didn’t know that the head faculty would try to work me to death to get their money’s worth.

They currently had me teaching five classes, grading about three hundred papers a piece, and nursing a consistent headache that even rum couldn’t fix.

And what was worse- my daughter’s close friend was upstairs likely performing the most discordant tap-dancing session ever.

I didn’t know what I was thinking by allowing her to sleep over. I was only trying to do a favor for my little girl by letting her friend stay for a few nights. It was meant to be a short-term minor inconvenience at most. The girl would be gone before the next week rolled around and I would be back to my peaceful solitude.

But the minute Rebecca showed up at my doorstep I knew that I made a huge mistake.

When Taylor mentioned her, I assumed that she would be one of her usual university friends, young and studious.

Not the busty, bouncy blonde that showed up at my doorstep with bright eyes and a coquettish expression.

“Hiya!” she said with a significant valley girl accent. “You must be Professor Wilkins, Jamie’s dad. I’m Becky! Thanks so much for letting me stay at your place.”

And with that, the torture began.

Not only did the girl insist on traipsing around the house in the shortest shorts and skimpiest shirts imaginable, but she also had a knack for popping up out of nowhere, especially when I was cooking or simply wanted to enjoy a quiet evening watching TV. The last time I turned on a documentary, she emerged from her room upstairs jogging down the steps in no bra and a tank top. I could see the dark outline of her nipples through her shirt.

She plopped into the seat beside me. “What are we watching?”.

And then she dragged those breasts over my chest to get to the popcorn on the side table.

I couldn’t move out of my seat, because at that point I had a painful hard-on that would not subside.

So, I simply sat there and took it.

And therein lay the real issue.

Because, ideologically, I refused to even jack off to my daughter’s bimbo friend. Even though she was 19 years old way above legal age (as she’d mentioned that first day) I still felt like a dirty old man for even fantasizing about it.

So, I remained in a state of perpetual horniness and annoyance.

I kept away from her, ignoring her in general, but today was the last straw.

As I stormed up the stairs, the metallic buzzing should have been a warning, but I still approached the room too irritated to care.

Then I threw open the door and froze.

Because Rebecca wasn't tap dancing.

She was on the bed, her thighs thrown open, one leg on the ground as her toe tapped the floor restlessly. A large vibrator buzzed angrily between her legs. Her other hand was digging into the sheet next to her and she moved the vibrator around, the tapping getting more manic as she likely approached orgasm.



I should leave right now, get the hell out of here. I should shut the door and dash out of the house, go on a walk to clear my head, and somehow forget the pretty pink of her pussy, the way her nipples were engorged and thrust against her white T-shirt like two forbidden cherries.

But I couldn’t. My feet were cemented to the ground, and I was frozen, watching helplessly.

And then Rebecca's eyes opened, and she saw me there. Her breath caught in her throat.

But instead of her reacting normally by closing her legs in embarrassment, she widened it, one hand flying up to her left nipple, pinching it as her mouth dropped open in arousal.

“Dr. Wilkins,” she moaned, her face flushed with pure unadulterated lust. “Oh my gosh, Dr. Wilkins.”

The sound made my cock jerk in my pants, tightening painfully. Fuck, the sight of her like that had me leaking precum and I knew there was no way I was leaving without a taste. With a sigh of resignation, I finally gave in.

What else could I do when she looked like that?

I shut the door behind me and walked to her, taking the vibrator out of her shaking hands and trailing the bulbous tip up her slit instead.

“Oh fuck Dr. Wilkins,” she sighed when I did, her entire body shaking now. One hand went to grasp onto my polo shirt, and she pulled herself up to me.

“Kiss me,” she asked, her eyes hazy. “Please.”

“No,” I denied. Kissing her would be far more personal than I wanted. I would get her off, but that was all I planned on giving her.

Becky didn’t seem to like that deal, because her hands went to my pants, hurriedly unzipping them. I let her, biting back a groan as her fingers wrapped around my cock.

“You’re so big Dr. Wilkins,” she whispered, eyes wide with wonder. “I want you inside me.”

Don’t do it, Peter. I warned myself even as her soft hands ripped at my sanity. Don’t fuck her.

I closed my eyes to control the urge to bend her over and thrust my cock into her dripping pussy.

And then I brought the vibrator directly over her clit.

She screamed. Her hand went back to her nipple, tugging hard enough to leave a bruise. I couldn’t resist leaning down, taking the other large nub in my mouth, suckling it hard through the shirt as I pressed the vibrator down, increasing the pressure.

She screamed again, her left hand flying to my hair to pushing her nipple deeper into my mouth. The other hand went back to on my cock, pumping faster.


Near crazed, I tossed aside the vibrator, thrusting one finger into her pussy almost angrily. Fuck, she was so wet, so wanting. Her pussy sucked at me like a hungry creature, and her hand squeezed around my cock, her legs shaking desperately as she moaned like a dying woman,

“Please Dr. Wilkins.” Her voice was guttural. “Please let me come. I’m going to die if I don’t come.”

So was I.

I used my other hand to grasp the vibrator and push it on her clit again as I finger fucker her roughly and sucked her nipple deeply. Gasping noises filled the room. Her head snapped back, thumping against the wall. Her entire body went tense.

“I’m coming,” she gasped, eyes wide in wonder. “I’m coming!”

Moisture gushed out of her pussy, coursing into my hand.

Fuck, it was all too much. The sounds, the smell of her release, her nipple in my mouth.

The incessant stroking of my cock.

I exploded in my pants.

And then she topped it all off with the dirtiest thing I’d ever seen a woman do.

Her eyes still dazed from pleasure and body lax in her release, she brought her hand and licked my cum off it, moaning as she did.

I was a goner.

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