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Polina is a sensual young woman who loves life and men. She is a sweet girl with a lively personality and a penchant for the most beautiful things in life. She is always impeccably dressed, her make-up perfectly applied, an aura of elegance that seems natural to her - she just looks neat and stylish. Polina has fantastic social skills and is never short of words - but what really shines is how direct, fun-loving and confident she is!... Read More

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  • Author:Tb
    Date:January 26, 2024
    One word sums up this lovely toung lady. WOW. Had a marvellous hour with you and will visit you again soon
  • Author:Miton
    Date:November 13, 2023
    Polina is a wonderful girl! met with her a couple of times, very tasty, very sexy, there is something to chat about, very polite and correct.
  • Author:Ronny
    Date:November 11, 2023
    Good looking girl, very polite, sexy and smart. Great experience. I enjoyed talking, laughing and cuddling with you. Thanks
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