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Nour is a stunning brunette originally from France who now calls South Kensington in London her home. With mesmerizing brown eyes and full, pouty lips, Nouris a vision of sultry beauty. Her long hair falls in soft waves down her back, framing her delicate face perfectly. But it’s her curvaceous figure that truly takes the breath away. Nour’s ample bust and toned, shapely legs are the envy of many. Nour is a sensual and passionate woman who loves to indulge in all of life’s pleasures. She’s a firm believer in the importance of self-care and always takes the time to pamper herself, ensuring that she always looks and feels her best.In her free time, Nour can often be found practicing yoga or enjoying a good book. She’s also an avid traveler and loves exploring new cultures and cuisines. As a companion, Nour is attentive and caring, always putting her clients’ needs and desires first. She loves to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where both she and her companion can relax and unwind. With Nour, every moment is one of pure indulgence and pleasure. Her touch is electric, and her company is unforgettable. She’s the perfect companion for anyone looking for an escape from the stresses of everyday life, a woman who knows how to make every moment count.

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  • Author:Anonymous
    Date:June 20, 2023
    I had the an outstanding time with Nour. She's such a hot girl and a wonderful companion. Will defo visit her again and 100% recommend her.
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