Passionate Connections with the Workmen

Sweltering in the Summer heat, Anna takes a chance with the workmen refitting her bathroom whilst her husband is at work…

The day was hot. So hot that Anna had only a simple sundress. She was so hot that she went to the refrigerator, and wedged her body into the cooler, which was a great relief.

Anna’s husband was at work, and she was not to go to the room yet, for two workmen were working in the bathroom, putting in a new suite. Anna visualized them as they arrived, they were very masculine men, typical manly workmen.

Anna thought there was nothing wrong with the sight, besides there was nothing else she could do.

She had to be close by in case anything was offered to the workers. Several times, they requested that she provide them with water, and she did so.

She had taken longer than usual to bring the water, as she would stick her body a little in the cooler to refresh herself.

Anna was not wearing a bra. The heat was sweltering, on one of those occasions when she had brought water to the workers, her nipples had been erect because of the coolness of the cooler.

This had not been Anna’s intention, but she had caused the two men to look at her breasts.

“Here you go, guys.” Anna said to get the attention of the workers.

The one who appeared to be in charge of the operation raised his head. He introduced himself and informed Anna that his name was Bill, and the other was named Joe.

He nodded to her. In a hurry, Joe averted his eyes to Anna’s breasts. Her nipples were extremely visible. Anna hadn’t noticed this until they looked at her insistently.

“Thank you for the water…” Bill thanked her.

Anna pouted. Despite being married, she didn’t like being called ma’am. To top off the sass, the man gave her a piercing look at her breasts, and then he went on about his business.

She hadn’t liked the treatment that the worker had used, but the look in his eyes had awakened a kind of longing in her.

Anna came out of the bathroom, she couldn’t take a shower until they were done. The day was becoming tedious, and unfunny.

The workers still had a long way to go, and Anna was not comfortable watching TV in the living room, she had soon become bored, and the heat was pressing.

The latter, to complete the picture. Anna determined it would be best to keep the boys company in the bathroom. They wielded their tools with great dexterity.

Anna wondered if they were this precise with everything… Flirting was becoming part of the issue, Anna was bending over and her breasts were bouncing until they almost popped out of her dress.

Anna never came out of the bathroom again. She was having a great time with the workers, they were making her laugh, and it was obvious that they were flirting with her.

Bill inadvertently touched one of Anna’s legs, she laughed, and Bill tried one more time with all the intention in the world.

Joe was on alert, in case his partner gave him some signal to leave, however, Anna averted her gaze to Joe, and she smiled broadly at him as well. It was now official that the flirtation was between the three of them. Anna suddenly commented:

“How hot it is!!!” At that point, the flirting had intensified, and Bill thought it was about to get even hotter.

Bill mounted one of the pieces he had in his other hand, and without further ado, had his free hand run up Anna’s leg all the way up.

Anna thought about turning him down, but when Bill got fully up, she could see how Bill’s cock was marked, it was a big cock and it was erect. Joe did the same with Anna’s other leg.

She let out a whimper and held her mouth open. Bill stuck his tongue into her, it was an erotic kiss entirely. Joe, on the other hand, was pulling down Anna’s dress, and her big tits popped out.

Joe grabbed one and squeezed them between his big, calloused hands, while Anna received a kiss that almost took her breath away. As he kissed her, Bill grabbed one of Anna’s tits and squeezed it hard.

Anna howled with pleasure as soon as the two men decided to suck on her breasts. She was standing in front of the sink, they roamed her body, kissing and touching her at the same time, until the dress was on the bathroom floor.

Then Joe sat on the toilet, and Bill leaned Anna towards him, she was left with her buttocks exposed. Bill plunged his tongue into her wet pussy. Anna exploded with joy and gave herself up to screaming, which she propelled with delight.

“Deeper!” Anna screamed. Bill pushed his tongue deeper into Anna’s pussy, while Anna was bent at the waist.

Joe took advantage of this to pull out his cock, which was very stiff, for Anna to suck. She did so but kept moaning and groaning at how divine Bill’s tongue felt in her pussy.

He had run his tongue up Anna’s anus now, and she shuddered. She pulled Joe’s cock out to howl from the enjoyment she was feeling, and Joe grabbed her head and inserted his cock back in.

Anna choked closed her eyes, and let the worker use her mouth. Joe moved upward briskly. Bill had intensified his licking, it went from her pussy to Anna’s asshole.

She had Joe’s cock stuck in her throat, so screaming was out of the question. Bill grabbed Anna’s ass with both hands, and this was supporting him to eat her as he wished.

Joe was moving upward. Anna had committed to doing a good job, but Bill was making everything harder for her. Still, Anna sucked vigorously on that thick cock that pierced her delicate throat.

By now, Bill was licking vehemently, Anna had to stop sucking once more. She roared as loud as she could and had an apotheosis orgasm.

Whatever the boys were doing there in the bathroom, it threatened to come crashing down. Anna lost her balance, no one had time to tackle her, but she pulled herself up so that Bill could now penetrate her.

He grabbed her energetically, and pulling down his pants, entered his big member. Anna stirred, she had not expected him to fill her so full. Joe was fucking Anna’s mouth, and Bill was assisting him with the bestial lunges he was delivering to her.

Anna felt the pleasure would overtake her. The sensation was unbeatable, in her opinion. Bill was fucking her viciously. The racket they had made in the bathroom was immeasurable.

Bill suddenly stopped ramming her and turned her over. He loaded her up, and Joe positioned himself behind her to penetrate her asshole. It was full of Bill’s saliva, which made it all the easier.

They had a lot of strength and were pumping her up and down at a frantic pace. Anna could now scream all she wanted. She was in the middle of the two of them screaming with everything, both cocks were working their way into those delicious holes.

Anna was ecstatic. She was rolling her eyes, and out of her mouth came only screams of pleasure. Anna came hard for the second time, but the men kept ramming her, fucking her brutally… Anna had her second orgasm, and at that moment, she had no idea if her husband would be home soon or not.

The men pulled her down. She lay on the floor with her pussy dripping. She stuck out her tongue, and the workers masturbated very close to that sensual mouth.

A hot shower of cum came out of Joe’s cock, and impacted Anna’s face, but much of it went all the way into her mouth.

Bill came while moaning, and squirted all of his cum into Anna’s mouth. She swallowed both cum that combined inside her mouth. She slid it all down her throat and reached up to pick up her dress.

The threesome in the bathroom was one of the best things that had ever happened to Anna in that house.

Ten minutes later, Anna’s husband arrived. Anna smiled, and she pressed a kiss against his lips. She smiled back…

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