Hotwife Taxi Fu**ing

Tasha is on a night out with the girls and in the taxi home discovers she’s lost her purse. She calls her husband for help, but he tells her she’ll need to find a different way to pay the driver…

A night out with the girls was what Tasha needed. She hadn’t realized inside the club how much the drinks had affected her, but they had.

She took a cab, and was glad to have had a good time, but to finally be on her way home. Tasha was cold; it was already a little late. It had been a long time since Tasha had gone out with her friends; she was already a married woman.

Now she would join her husband in bed, and maybe wake him up. Even though she was far from home, however, she wanted to get the money anyway to be prepared and jump out of that cab to get safely inside the house.

There she would be warm and comforted. However, when she reached for her purse, she couldn’t find it.

Tasha’s heart skipped a beat. Where was her purse? Had it fallen out of her bag?

She looked for it on the floor of the cab, and no, there was nothing.

Tasha tried to calm herself so she could think about what to do next. She was very clear that it wouldn’t do any good, still, she had to talk to the cab driver and let him know the situation.

“Sir, didn’t you see if my purse fell when I got into the cab?” The cab driver shook his head.

Tasha grimaced in annoyance and continued searching, already desperate. Fortunately, she had kept her phone in one hand, as she had been looking at it moments before leaving the club.

Her friends had left in another cab; if her purse had fallen, she had hoped that one of them had picked it up.

Some were drunk, but not all of them. Tasha called her husband to ask him to meet her outside the house with cash.

Tasha knew her husband could sometimes play situations to his own fantasies, and this was one of those times. She was a little scared, and her husband had replied:

“No, I won’t make it it’s cold. I’m already in bed. Pay another way, Tasha. It was your decision to stay out until these hours. I’m sure you can find a way to resolve things…”

Frustration invaded Tasha. How would she pay the cab driver?

She stared out the window stalling for time; reluctantly, she leaned forward to speak to the driver.

“Mr. cab driver, I have lost my purse. It’s not here; I lost it perhaps at the club. I have no way to pay you.” Hastily, the cab driver stopped the car, and when he had done so, he turned his head towards Tasha.

She was scared out of her wits, and even jumped in her seat. The man looked annoyed.

However, when he spoke he did so slowly, and looking at Tasha’s cleavage, her boobs weren’t the biggest, that didn’t mean she couldn’t wear a more revealing dress to party with her friends.

“It looks like you’ll have to pay me in another way. Perhaps you should do me a favor in exchange for a free ride home, or you’ll have to get out of my cab. What’s your answer to that?” he then grinned.

That information took a while to get through to Tasha.

Was this man really asking her for that? Tasha weighed everything, and the cruel reality was that it was cold, it was a long way from home, and it was two in the morning.

She didn’t respond with words, she just nodded her head gently, so the cab driver indicated he would join her in the back seat.

The man was not ugly, but she had no desire to give him a blowjob.

Reluctantly Tasha looked down and uttered a yes.

She had nothing else to do, he pulled down his pants, revealed his cock, and she eager to call it a night, leaned down to the fully erect cock, and ran her tongue along the edges, the cabbie made an almost imperceptible little noise when he felt Tasha’s tongue licking his cock.

Tasha continued to bob her head up and down; her hand took hold of the cabbie’s balls, and squeezed them gently, while her mouth did most of the work.

Tasha flicked her tongue over the tip, and made the full stroke down to the testicles, where she stayed for several seconds, as the cabbie seemed to enjoy this.

She went back to the cock, and he pushed his head until only the balls remained outside Tasha’s mouth.

He would say things like, “Keep sucking, you little bitch. Oh yes, how good you do it.” Tasha tried to ignore this, but she couldn’t.

After a few minutes of intense sucking, Tasha began to get aroused. Her tiny panties were getting wetter, and Tasha sucked harder.

Perhaps it was due to the cocktails she had drunk, or the fact that the cab driver had a long, thick cock, she didn’t know exactly. Tasha’s tongue wrapped around his glans, and the cabbie let a moan escape his mouth.

Tasha’s movements became more intense, her hands wiggling his cock very expertly, so much so that the cabbie squealed in pleasure. She hadn’t intended to have done so well, but it was turning out that way.

The cabbie’s stiff member was piercing Tasha’s throat, and he was pushing her head further, as if he wanted Tasha to literally swallow it.

She wasn’t choking, in fact, she was enjoying having that divine cock in her mouth, while her panties were getting wet.

Tasha’s arousal went so far, that she stopped sucking, and pulled up her dress, tossed her panties aside, and mounted the cab driver.

He was shocked, as that was not part of the deal, however, Tasha knew better for him.

The cabbie didn’t need to say it for her to know.

Her pussy was very wet, her juices already dripping, and the cabbie aimed his cock at the entrance to Tasha’s cave.

She was more than willing, her hips moved to the rhythm of the cab driver’s hands, who had lifted her up, and let her fall on his thick cock.

Tasha without delay roared with delight, her hands were on the cabbie’s chest, and she was riding him eagerly. She hadn’t wanted to do that, but since she had gotten that far, she was ready to enjoy it.

Tasha moaned and did not stop in her task of reaching orgasm, for it felt so good that she was sure she could make it.

The cab driver now grabbed her buttocks, and grabbed them vigorously, while Tasha moved on him like a madwoman eager for the most intense pleasure.

Tasha’s screams filled the car, and the cab driver didn’t miss any detail of the stranger riding his cock, enjoying herself as if the dawn would never come.

Tasha’s pussy had been spread wide, for the cock was thick, and she was relentless in her attempt to get it all the way into her center. She was screaming, moaning, groaning, while the cab driver felt like he was going to come at any moment.

Tasha moved on top of him like a Goddess. The cab driver understood that it was no longer possible to continue penetrating her, he was going to come.

Tasha let out a cry, followed by an “It’s happening” and she came hard, flooding the driver’s cock.

The cabbie in turn came, and did so inside her, as there had been no time to do it elsewhere. She felt the jet of cum fill her, and then she stepped aside.

Now she could go home and sleep… Next to her husband…

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