He Couldn't Resist The Neighbor's Daughter

Charlie was having a nice breakfast with his wife Amanda. He was ready to go to work but he decided to take the time to enjoy his breakfast, his bacon, the nice warm eggs his wife did for him, and the toasted bread.

His wife stood up and started doing the dishes when suddenly, she started hearing a noise. "Do you hear that?" she asked him

Charlie looked at her, without caring much, "Yeah, sounds like it's coming from upstairs," he said and then gave his toast a bite.

His wife stared at him, a little upset, "Would you mind going check that out?" she said annoyed. Charlie stared at her, then he looked down at his unfinished breakfast.

"Okay," he said, getting annoyed too. Charlie stood up and followed the noise. Things with his wife weren't good, they had been in a dry season for a while and it was killing him, she was constantly upset, and annoyed by him and he started limiting himself to discussing just the necessary things.

The noise came from the guest's room, he stopped right at the door and then heard the sound again. It sounded like a rock hitting glass, so the first thing he did was check the window.

He looked outside and found his neighbor’s daughter Rose standing outside, throwing rocks at his window. Charlie was surprised and confused, but then he realized she was wearing a really short dress which made his blood pump a little harder.

Rose waved at him with a big smile and then started walking towards the window. Charlie started getting nervous, staring at the door, hoping that his wife was still very busy, he walked up to it but then Rose started pulling the window up.

Charlie got so nervous that he shouted to his wife, "I fixed the noise, honey!"

"Thank you!" she replied from the kitchen. He started rubbing his hands as he watched Rosie get inside in that tiny dress.

"Oh fuck," he said to himself when she dropped herself on the bed, crossing her long legs.

"Hey," she said.

"What are you doing here, Rosie?" he asked.

She smiled with intention, "Well when I was getting dressed up this morning, I was curious as to why my creepy old neighbor wasn't staring back at me just as he does every single day."

Then she uncrossed her legs, letting him see she wasn't wearing any underwear, his breath turned heavy, "So I thought, maybe he got too busy this morning, he shouldn't start his day without his daily dose of voyeurism."

Charlie had been spying on her when things started getting bad with his wife, and it has been quite relieving for him as Rosie provided some good entertainment from her bedroom window when he woke up. But right there, he didn't think she knew he enjoyed her curves from the distance and stood there looking pretty guilty.

"What's wrong? Don't you wanna see me a little closer?" she said raising her leg towards him. Charlie hesitated, staring at the door, and then, moved by the adrenaline of the situation, he closed the door and locked it.

He then stood in front of her and taking her leg he took off her shoe and pressed it against his crotch. Felling her skin was so arousing his cock started getting hard. She started giggling as she ran the tip of her toes over his hardening bulge.

"I guess you're pretty lucky I like seeing your swollen cock when I'm getting ready for classes."

He breathed out, and his hands started shaking, "you know my wife is in the kitchen, right?" he asked Rosie, and she hissed as she kept on rubbing his crotch with her delicate foot.

"So? It didn't matter before when you jerked off right on the window staring at me, why should you care she is here now?" she said, caressing the lower side of his bulge with the bridge of her foot. He felt his blood pumping so fast right down to the tip of his cock, the slight sight of her shaved pussy was making his cock get so hard, he had been craving, needing to touch her for so long that he couldn't resist it anymore.

"I guess you're right," he said falling to his knees, "just keep quiet," he said. He separated her knees and pulled out his tongue, he started licking her slit, running his tongue up and down, reaching for the pink shiny flesh they hid.

"Mmm yes, I bet your wife doesn't let you do that anymore, did you miss eating pussy?" she asked him in a moan.

Charlie had to clench his jaw at the taste of her young cunt, she tasted so well and he felt so needy that he thought he would cum right away. Then he sank his fingers in her creamy pussy and Rosie started riding them as he licked her clit.

"Mmm yeah, you're so good at this," she moaned and then he placed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

Rosie took his hand and started licking his fingers, tasting herself straight from his hand. Then he pulled down his fly and taking out his cock he pressed it against her entrance.

Charlie gripped her knees and pushed them up her shoulders and entered her in a single thrust as he kept his hand over her mouth. Rosie moaned in his mouth as he felt her tight cunt stretching as he went inside.

He clenched his mouth and started fucking her deep and fast. Rosie started moaning even louder as he tried hard to keep her quiet. She felt so good beneath her he couldn't resist himself; he started fucking her tight pussy even faster, feeling his balls contracting, and then, he completely lost control.

Charlie shot his load deep inside her wet pussy as he gave her one last thrust that made her entire body quiver around him. "Oh, fuck yeah," he grunted as he kept his hand on her mouth, muting her loud moans.

Suddenly, as he came back to his senses, with his cock still sank deep inside Rosie spurting his last drops of cum, he heard his wife walking in the hallway, "Charles! Are you going to finish your breakfast?"

"Yeah!" he shouted back. But then, the knob on the door started moving.

"Why is the door locked?" she asked. Charlie looked down at Rosie, half naked and with a huge smile, shrugging as his cum dripped out of her pleased cunt.

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