Getting My Husband Back

When I married Mick, I knew we would be together forever, no matter what happened between us, I knew my life would always be connected to him. We didn't sign a prenup agreement when we tied our lives, we didn't have much, and it was best to share it, but then after a couple of years Mick's local business started to grow into a big company. 

Suddenly he became a businessman, and I was the lucky wife. But when there are highs, there are always lows, and Mick started being naughty, not just with his secretary, I looked away and pretended to not know a thing, I loved him too much to understand that sex in our marriage was not amusing anymore, but I knew he still loved me.

All that ended when one day he came home and told me he would file for divorce, when I confronted him about it, he said he had fallen in love with his new assistant. He went nuts for her; a younger, naive girl who thought she had the bull held by his balls. A blond chick you would have thought walked out of a Maxim magazine. Mick became so predictable it disgusted me. 

I decided to accept it, I allowed him to have his fun with this girl, but he wanted the divorce. Since there was no prenup, I then signed up the papers, and hit him right where it hurt the most. I got half of his things, including the big house he recently got on the hills to live with his new bitch, and half of his precious company. I signed those papers, knowing that after two years he would be bored with this girl, and he would try to fill that gap again.

It took him by surprise when he saw me at one of the board meetings, "what are you doing here?" he said

"Well, I am the second-biggest shareholder in the company, basically, the floor you're standing on is mine, I should be here." The satisfaction I felt aster that moment could never compare. But I didn't want his company, nor his shitty house, I wanted him back. Mick tried to buy the shares from me, "I helped you build this company; I'm not giving you shit," I constantly said.

Then he started trying harder, sending me flowers, taking me out for dinner, buying me cars for my birthday, it made his girlfriend so jealous he started lying to her. One day he came home, I was lying on the couch, wearing just my underwear when he suddenly walked in, "You should give that key back," I said when he approached me. 

I sat down, "why did you change the floor?" he asked me. 

"Because it was shit, besides, this is my house honey, I do with it as I please," then I stood up and leaned over to grab my phone from the couch. Mick seemed shocked to see me barely wearing anything, I caught his face when I turned to see him, "what? You've seen this body for ten years, it’s not new."

He choked on his words, then he cleared his throat, "uhm... is just... you... look very good, Amy."

"I know," I replied, "did you think I was going to choke on chocolate and cry for you? Please..." I didn't get dressed. I walked towards him, taking in his reaction, I got him right where I wanted, "What? Don't tell me you're regretting the divorce now."

He swallowed hard as I stood in front of him, "what do you want for the shares? I'll you anything."

I remained silent, smirking, "I want you, Mick, I want you to tell me that you miss me, that you need me, and most importantly, that you love me."

"I won't say something I don't feel."

"Are you sure you don't feel anything for me?" I said walking around him, talking lowly, seducing him, "don't you miss my lips around your cock? My tits on your face?"

His breath was shaky, I could see his cock was getting hard inside his pants, then I stood in front of him, placing my finger over it, tracing his hard on, "Don't you miss pushing this inside me and hearing moan?" 

Suddenly he kissed me so hard, like he'd never done before. He instantly made me feel so wet, I had missed his mouth so much. I walked to the couch, and as I laid down on it, he took off my panties and started eating me out. He groaned as he tasted my juices once again, it was as if he had starved for far too long. 

He licked my clit, flicked his tongue over it as he cupped my tits and squeezed them. I loved every second of it, his touch, his need to have me, I knew then he had missed me too much. I gripped his hair and pulled from it, "say it," I commanded. 

"I made a mistake, I love you Amy," he said. I got on my knees and rewarded him. I pulled down his pants and sucked his cock. His taste was so delicious, I even enjoyed tasting the pre-cum he already had for me. Then, I pushed him on the couch and straddled him. The face he put when I led his cock inside me was all I needed. 

I rode him like never before, I moved my body up and down on him, rocking and the bottom and rose to his tip, I wiggled my ass on his crotch until I couldn't take it anymore. I had several orgasms around his cock as I kept denying him his own pleasure. Every time I sensed he would cum, I stopped. But then I rode him again and took him to the edge of pleasure. 

There, I pulled him out of me and took his cock inside my mouth, I bobbed my head up and down, tasting myself on his cock until he shot his orgasm in the back of my throat. He moaned my name right on his climax, then I swallowed it, feeling it sliding slowly down my throat. 

"Are you giving me the shares now?" he asked me as he recovered, panting. 

I giggled, "This house is mine," I said trailing his torso with my fingernail, "the company is mine," then he looked at me, and gripped his cock and gently squeezed it in my hand, "and you are mine."

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