Control Issues

Ever since Connie started seeing her therapist, she started having dreams about him, dreams in which she imagined herself being controlled by him. 

In her dreams she often found herself licking his cum from the floor, tasting his cock at his command, and whenever she met with him for a session her mind would constantly drift away imagining herself sucking his cock right there. 

She never thought that opening up to a man would lead her to such deep and dark desires. To her, her therapist was the nicest guy in the world, he would constantly ask her if she was all right and ask her questions about her feelings, and that attention was extraordinary to her.

Without noticing, Connie was falling in love with him, and the more she thought of him, the more she wanted to be his. Dreams kept happening and all of them were erotic, she would see herself sitting in front of him, as another she was on his lap getting spanks. 

Then the idea of control started dominating her mind, she thought she had control issues, and then she started having this desire of wanting him to control her, to make decisions for her. 

Connie decided to go and see him. She knocked on the door twice, as usual, and when he opened it up he was surprised to see her there, "Connie, what are you doing here?" he asked.

Connie walked in without saying a word as he followed her, "we don't have an appointment until Saturday, are you okay? What's going on?"

Connie couldn't help herself and suddenly she fell on her knees, grabbed his leg, and pressed her face on it, staring up at him. He gasped in surprise, realizing what she wanted. 

Suddenly she unbuckled his belt and wrapped her wrists in it. "Connie," he said, she held her hands up towards him, "Connie," he repeated, with a trembling voice, "what you're asking me to do would breach every ethic rule, not to mention it being a felony." 

"Please, Tom," she said staring up at him, with her hands wrapped in the belt. "I don't want to be your patient anymore, I want to be controlled by you, I want to be used by you, I want to be fucked by you."

Tom seemed to be conflicted inside but then, he gripped her wrists and pulled her up, close to his face. She breathed him in, his manly scent, his breath, and it all drugged her, sending tickles all over her skin. 

He kissed her, and tasted her mouth delving his tongue inside it, she received it with energy, but then, he pushed her down on her knees again as he slid down his pants, letting them fall silently on the floor. 

"Taste it," he commanded her. Connie did it, she instantly opened her mouth and started wetting his shaft with her tongue. Then she swirled it around his head as he held her wrists with the belt. 

She had been craving for him for so long that she took his cock into her mouth enthusiastically, making him moan in pleasure. Tom then gripped her hair and fixed her in place as he moved his hips forward, fucking her mouth. Connie loved it, she wanted to feel every inch of his cock all over her body. 

Tom then ordered her to get naked and led her to the couch on where she used to confess her darkest secrets. He laid her over it and spread her legs, then he tasted her slit, her juices, her sex and did it with a pleased sound in his throat. 

He smelled her, and then frantically began moving his tongue over her femininity. He moved his fingers over her hardened clit, causing her to moan loudly and her body to twitch. 

Then he knelled between her legs and slid his cock inside her. As he went in, he breathed out in awe, Connie couldn't believe how good his size felt inside her, she release a silent moan as he stretched her insides, adjusting her tight cunt to his size. 

Then Tom started moving, keeping a steady rhythm as Connie watched him take her just the way she wanted. He placed a finger inside her mouth and she sucked it and gently bit it. 

Tom was delighted, he removed her shoes and sucked her toes as he moved inside her, faster, taking her to the very edge of orgasm only to deny it. 

"Look what you made me do, break the rules just to fuck you," he said, taking her hands from the belt and placing her over his lap. He started spanking her, "count it with me," he ordered. 

"One!" he said as he laid a spank on her buttocks that left a sting sensation on her skin. "One," she moaned after she felt his hand on her skin, she kept counting them until they reached ten. 

Then he laid her on her back again, and raised her legs towards her shoulders, completely exposing her sex, he gave it a lick before sliding his cock back inside. This time he didn't hold back, he started moving fast, deep and hard inside her, making her moan loudly. 

"Oh my gosh yes!!" she started moaning loudly as she felt every inch of his cock rubbing against all the right places. Before she could tell, he started moaning loudly with her, keeping his rhythm and going as deep as he could. 

He held her down and then he started shooting his load deep inside her. Connie felt his warm load filling her up, taking her to the edge again. "Can I cum?" she asked. 

He tried to put himself together, releasing a "yes," in a grunt. Connie moaned as she released her orgasm around his throbbing cock, her walls clenched around him, squeezing his size to the last drop, causing him to moan again in pleasure. 

Connie, twitched as she recovered herself, Tom pulled out and his cum started sliding out of her entrance, teasing her even more. Then she took his cock and sucked it clean. 

Tasting her juices combined with his sex was amazing. "I'll see you on Saturday, be here on time or I'll punish you." 

Connie smirked at him, "yes sir." 

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