Bookshop after closing

Running a bookstore can be pretty boring, Dana was incredibly annoyed by the lack of action in her working hours: no clients, no new books, no nothing. Just silence and a ticking clock hanging on the wall.

Dana carefully watched the clock as if it was her biggest enemy and as soon as it hit the six pm mark, she stood up and turned the 'open' signed, locked the door and went down a row of books taking off her clothes.

One thing Dana loved was the privacy, she could let the little pervert inside her have some fun after the store closed, so her plan was to set herself between the science and math section, get her vibrator and masturbate right on the carpet.

As she walked to the backroom, she removed her blouse and dropped it in the main hallway, then she searched in her purse and grabbed her vibrator. But the second she walked outside, a man was standing in the middle of the math and science section, staring at the books.

"Oh my gosh!" he suddenly said when he saw Dana shirtless standing at the end of the row.

Dana didn't care for her naked torso, she crossed her arms and stared at the guy who avoided watching her at all costs. "We're closed, sir!" she said to him.

"I'm very sorry, I had no idea, I was just looking for a book and..."

"What book?" she asked, stepping forward. The closer she got, the frozen the man would get.

Dana detailed him, he had tattoos and that bad boy look on his face. He was wearing a leather jacket and ripped jeans, and Dana thought he was hot enough to play with him a bit.

"A... a book..." he said nervously.

Dana smirked, and then she slid her skirt down her hips along with her panties. She watched him swallow hard the second she started caressing her chest.

"Do you want to search for that book?" she asked him sensually.

"Y-yes..." he stuttered.

Dana slowly walked around him, holding the vibrator in her hand. "Sure," she said and then, she gripped his jacket and pulled him, then she pushed him against a bookshelf, "let's look for it together."

She caressed his neck, seeing his breath getting heavy, her hand slid down his chest and up his shoulders. She toyed with him, seeing how he got nervous with each caress.

The more she teased him, the wetter she got. Then she gripped his chiseled chin and kissed him, delving her tongue inside and tasting his sweet saliva. The man moaned into her mouth, not really knowing what to do, unbelieving the situation.

But as she kissed him, he started loosening and kissed her back, pressing his body against her and allowing her to feel his hard bulge.

"Get on the floor," she ordered him, "I want you to jerk off for me."

The man complied and unbuttoning his jeans, he sat down on the floor and fisted his long cock for her, moving his hand up and down.

Dana watched him, and caressed his head and face with her hands, temptingly passing her delicate fingers near his cock.

"Lay on the floor," she ordered him and he did. Dana felt lucky to have found such a compliant man. Then she placed her feet at each side of his face and lowered herself for him to eat her.

"Ahh!" she gasped when she felt his hungry mouth instantly sucking her juices and licking her slit. Dana couldn't help moving her hips on his mouth, rubbing her entire cunt on his face.

She reached behind her and took his cock in her hands, jerking him off as he ate her out. His hands crawled up her chest and pinched her nipples as his tongue flicked over her clit.

He grunted against her entrance and Dana completely lost control. She turned around and sucked his cock, taking it as deep inside her mouth as she could, she never felt so hungry for a cock.

Right there, she made him sit against the shelf and straddled him, impaling herself on his hard fat cock, "Oh fuck you're so big," she moaned.

Dana bounced on him, supporting herself on the shelf as he placed his hands on her hips and helped her ride his cock. She felt so wet it slid easily in and out of her, her new lover moved fast and deep inside her, holding her up just enough to allow him to move.

He pistoned his hips upwards, pushing it deep inside her. "Oh my gosh yes! Fuck me hard," she cried out feeling his cock throbbing against her walls.

Then he lowered himself and made her torso rest on his, he started moving his cock deep inside her until she screamed with pleasure.

Dana came so hard on his cock her entire pussy clenched on it, she felt her walls tightening and loosening over and over again as pleasure exploded from deep inside her and traveled all over her body.

"Yes, yes, yeeeeesss!!" she cried out and then, he moved her up and sat her on his face, he sank his tongue deep inside and drank her orgasm straight from her cunt.

She heard him grunt and moan against her entrance as she rode and use his face to finish herself up. "I wanna see you cum, I want to lick your cum and swallow it," she moaned.

The man complied and as he ate her out, he started jerking off and soon, his load spurted out of his hard cock and landed on him. Dana instantly lowered herself and licked it all off of him, tasting his sticky cum and sucking him clean.

"Mmm that was so good stranger," she moaned.

"And to think I just came for a book," he said. Dana took his cock deep into her mouth, cleaning the last bits of cum from him, "I'm Jake."

Dana slurped on his cock, and then she took it out, "nice to meet you Jake," she smiled, taking his cock again.

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