A Heated Encounter: Ava and Olivia's Unexpected Passion

Ava, in general, loved her job. The ad agency was like her second home. Ava was a short girl with small tits and a big ass that attracted stares.

That morning, Ava didn’t previously know what kind of client the woman was who was waiting for her for a meeting. Ava’s boss hadn’t given her any hints.

Ava, in her spectacular executive outfit, opened the door to the conference room where several clients were being received, and she was met by a woman with a disdainful expression on her face. Ava greeted her properly. Ava always exhibited impeccable manners.

“Good morning, Miss Baker. If I’ve been delayed, I apologize.” Ava said it just to rule out that possibility, for she was sure she had not been late at all.

“In fact if you were two minutes late, Miss.” Olivia said rolling her eyes, and pronouncing the word “miss” with great emphasis.

In her inner self, Ava wanted to slap her, but she controlled herself. It wasn’t worth losing a client over such foolishness.

The meeting had already gotten off to a bad start, and it could only get worse. The client named Olivia didn’t appreciate Ava’s work. Nothing she said or did was good enough, and everything was despicable and a bad idea to the client.

Ava was beginning to lose patience. All she could think about was getting out of there as soon as possible. Ava had to resort to smiles that were meant to be kind and reassuring to inspire confidence, but nothing was working.

“My lady, are you listening to me? This is not what I want.” Olivia expressed loudly.

“I understand, Ms. Baker. However, we have other options, which I was about to lay out for you.” Ava was saying all the right things.

Olivia, however, apparently found it very entertaining to make things difficult for Ava. For a full hour, Ava tried to convince Olivia of her ideas, but everything fell on deaf ears.

Ava was starting to get even more impatient, but something changed in Olivia’s attitude. It was very subtle, but Ava noticed it on the spot. As the meeting progressed, Olivia had begun to appear flirtatious, giggling and giving Ava a sideways glance.

The latter had no idea what she was talking about had changed. First Olivia was acting disdainful, and now she was laughing at the things Ava said in a joking manner.

Ava had sat down across from her, and the two of them, for the first time during that meeting, were having a substantive conversation that was leading somewhere.

At this point, Ava wasn’t sure if these were her ideas, or if Olivia had really seen her small breasts. Perhaps it was an optical illusion, Ava thought, but it was soon established that it had not been.

Ava was attentive, and sure enough, as Olivia talked, and gestured with her hands, she would cast her gaze towards Ava’s tits from time to time. Ava found this very strange, but then she stifled a smile, as Olivia looked at her even more insistently.

Not only was Olivia looking at her breasts, she was also looking at her lips, and slyly, she was biting her own. This flirting caught Ava off guard, but it served to clinch the deal for her.

Or so Ava hoped, for Olivia had become very, very relaxed at the sight of her breasts. With each thing Ava said, Olivia watched her in detail as her eyes sparkled.

It was a look that conveyed desire, Ava had seen this before, no doubt about it.

However, that client had been interested in her from the beginning, and she had just wanted to play? Ava understood that maybe that was the case.

Without warning, Olivia leaned over to Ava and kissed her on the lips. It was a very soft and simple kiss, but soon Olivia parted Ava’s lips with her tongue and greedily slipped it into her mouth. Ava, who was not expecting that, was very surprised.

Still, she reciprocated Olivia’s kiss, which became more passionate, Olivia even touched Ava’s breasts, and squeezed them, without pulling away from her mouth. So this was what she had wanted to do to her from the beginning?

This had already occurred to Ava, and this question was coming up a second time. Ava didn’t know the answer, but continued to kiss her, until Olivia pulled away to bend her head down to her breasts, and kiss them at the birth.

Ava watched as her client then licked her nipples, as she almost ripped her blouse from her suit. Ava relaxed to enjoy the licking provided by Olivia, who was now stroking her nipples.

Her nipples were getting harder with each new lick from Olivia.

Ava could only moan as she felt that soft tongue on her delicate skin. In the meeting room, no one else was there, but it was possible that someone might show up.

Ava got up for a second to lock the door, and if her boss asked, she would say that she had been a very difficult client, which was true, and that she wanted total privacy. Olivia left her nipples for a moment to move on to kissing the soft cave that made up Ava’s mouth.

They intertwined their tongues viciously, and held each other tightly. Olivia was holding Ava’s head very roughly as if she wanted to keep Ava from changing her mind.

It was a very sensual kiss, which made Ava’s pussy wet, this was a reality for both women. They were going wild with the ardor of the moment. Ava wanted to open herself wider to let Olivia’s hand go deeper into her crotch.

This happened almost immediately, and as Olivia could see, Ava’s panties were very soaked. So were hers, and Olivia stood up so that she could help Ava undress.

She was very excited about what was going on. It would never have crossed her mind, but since it was happening, Ava wanted to experiment to the fullest. Ava was stripping off her own clothes with Olivia’s help and then she was back on the chair.

This time, she was sprawled with her legs over the chair’s armrests. Olivia ran a single finger over the area, and brought it to her mouth full of Ava’s juices. Olivia prepared herself for something more forceful and final.

Olivia plunged her tongue into Ava’s pussy, Ava let out a subtle, but clear whimper that reached Olivia. She licked from end to end, flicking her tongue gently and stopping at Ava’s clit.

She gripped the chair tightly, and squeezed her eyes shut, concentrating on the sensation of Olivia’s tongue on her pussy. Olivia gave faster licks, stopping, and starting again.

This had an immediate effect on Ava, who was already moaning louder. Olivia alternated licking at various speeds. At first, it was slow, then it became fast… Nothing was too much, and she pushed her tongue deep into Olivia’s pussy.

While this was taking place, she had placed a finger on Ava’s clitoris and was rubbing it, as her tongue was otherwise occupied. Ava reacted by screaming and shaking her legs.

Every hair on her body stood up, and Olivia continued with much more confidence, enhancing the fact that she liked sucking Ava’s pussy.

She moved towards her clitoris with her tongue and slipped two fingers into Ava’s cave.

She cried out in pleasure and lust, wiggling her hips as if she wanted it to go on forever. Olivia took great pleasure in eating Ava’s pussy in the most extraordinary way possible.

Olivia’s fingers slid deep inside, and Ava could only scream with delight.

Olivia was looking at her face, but she remained with her eyes closed, she opened them once to see Olivia’s tongue moving all over her pussy, sending streams of pleasure all over Ava’s existence. Olivia instructed her to stand up, turn around, and rest her hands on the chair so that her ass was up.

Ava did so, and Olivia inserted her tongue, that time, into Ava’s ass. Olivia licked as she did with her clitoris, but more voraciously, and then added a finger to Ava’s wet pussy.

This was too much for her, for Ava liked to have her asshole sucked properly, and that was just what Olivia was doing. Her licks were bringing Ava so much enjoyment that she was shaking, and she was having trouble keeping her balance.

“Oh, my God!!!” Ava let out as she came with great power.

Far from stopping, Olivia moved her fingers much harder than before, and made her come once again with a squirt.

Ava felt on cloud nine, at the moment she didn’t remember where she was, she only knew that Olivia was making her come again and again.

“It’s my turn.” Olivia declared when Ava had sat back down on the chair and her chest was rising and falling rapidly.

Was she serious about that request? Ava hadn’t asked for that to happen. Why should she have to do the same? Apparently, this was imminent, Ava would have to do it.

Olivia was already coming at her to make this happen whether she liked it or not. Besides, Ava was still very aroused even though she had already come. Olivia smiled slyly. Ava was still gasping for breath.

Olivia practically forced her to return the favor. Ava being still very agitated stuck her tongue into Olivia’s pussy.

This one was on the table, and she adopted a dominant attitude by grabbing Ava’s head and pulling her into her wet pussy roughly. Ava licked several times, letting her tongue do that job.

Ava also stuck a finger in her pussy following the steps Olivia instructed her to do.

She carried out a great job, and Olivia was letting her see it, screaming, and moving her hips so that Ava’s tongue would cover more space. This led to Ava licking Olivia’s asshole in the same way.

Ava leaning over Olivia took her to a very high mountain, or so it seemed, as Olivia screamed and writhed on the conference room table.

With a little more enthusiasm, Ava gave very fast licks, and stopped, so that Olivia could weigh them, and she could start again a new string of very delicious licks.

Ava took Olivia by the hips, lifted her up a little, and she licked up and down, from Olivia’s pussy to her ass with very agile movements.

Olivia was dumbfounded, but in a good way, and let out a good series of screams that perhaps the entire office heard.

Ava hoped for her sake this was not true. Olivia was drawing Ava’s head in further and making her drown in her fluids. Ava would peel off a little to breathe, and restart, with more momentum than before.

Olivia would throw her head back, and vociferate at the top of her lungs. Ava was still savoring how divine her orgasm had been, and this helped her to go all the way with Olivia.

Ava intensified her long licks, as they went from the beginning to the end of Olivia’s slit, and this worked to perfection. Olivia came with a crash. She almost fell off the table she was on, from all the wiggling and writhing.

She had come all over Ava’s mouth, and wet all over her face in general. Ava sat up, cleaned herself up as best she could, and proceeded to get dressed. So did Olivia after resting a bit.

The meeting was over.

Afterward, Ava’s boss went to check on her, just as she had unlocked the door.

Ava smiled broadly, implying to her boss that they had landed that account.

Ava’s boss felt great satisfaction, but not as much as Olivia and Ava who came out of the meeting room with weaker legs and pussy still dripping with juices.

Until she got home, Ava kept wondering what exactly had happened, but she had enjoyed it all the same. She’d go to sleep very relaxed…

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