Here is a list of all our £180 escorts available to you in various parts of London. This is an incall price mostly, but do make sure that you check the individual girls’ profiles to ensure that you get the price correct before you make a booking. We cannot be held responsible if you have failed to read your escort’s profile correctly.

When you think carefully about it, £180 isn’t really that much money. You can’t get much at all with this when you go out, and it’s certainly not enough to impress any date you have. It might be different up North, but it’s certainly not the case in London! People can spend double this amount on dinner alone. Not that we’re expecting you to do this of course!

Why £180 escorts?

Just why these girls have chosen to price themselves at £180, as opposed to £200 or any other figure, is entirely unbeknown to us to tell the truth. We assume it’s because their service reflects their fee, or they’ll have some other reason known only to themselves. Sometimes it’s because there aren’t many other girls in the same price category even. The lowest price at a London agency is usually £150, so these girls obviously consider themselves a little better than that. £180 escorts may have a little more experience too, it’s all very possible. The best way to find out why they choose this rate is to book them and ask them yourself!