Sapphic Desires: Exploring Intimacy with Your Closest Friend

The friends Sophia and Isabella were arriving from a night out at Sophia’s apartment.

Both were very drunk, stumbling around, and laughing raucously. Sophia and Isabella had broken heels, smudged makeup, and messy hair. That could mean they’d had a good night.

Isabella had asked Sophia to stay at her house. Sophia had said yes.

Sophia barely remembered how they had gotten there, to her house. Sophia looked at Isabella, and she was swaying from side to side, her eyes myopic.

Sophia didn’t even consider at that moment looking at herself in a mirror, for she knew she must present the same appearance, or worse. Sophia reached as best she could for the TV remote.

It was late, but neither Sophia nor Isabella wished to go to bed. The couch was closer, and watching TV seemed like a good idea.

Sophia was petite in build, while Isabella was curvaceous, with thighs, tits, and ass.

Sophia and Isabella could still feel the buzz of the night around them. The night had turned out to be a success. They had drunk their fill, and were now as merry and drunk as could be expected.

“Do you want to watch TV?” Sophia asked in a voice mushy from drunkenness.

“Yeah.” Isabella answered her by plopping down on the back of the couch, completely inebriated.

Isabella blinked, and stared at the TV with difficulty. Every time they showed something on there, Sophia and Isabella laughed like crazy.

They would pat each other’s arms to alert them to what was happening next on some program. Sophia and Isabella chatted about the night’s events, as well as what they were watching.

The possibility of going to sleep seemed far away for both of them. How was it possible that they still hadn’t given up?

Sophia noticed how Isabella was sitting, as Sophia had leaned forward to playfully punch her in the arm, and Sophia had noticed that Isabella had her dress up. Sophia could see what was under Isabella’s dress.

The latter had black lace underwear; they were like very sexy panties. Sophia hadn’t been able to take her eyes off that spot. Isabella had gone quiet, and her eyes were closing.

Sophia had been serious looking at her thighs; they were so big Sophia wondered how six kiss them. Isabella was Sophia’s friend, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t see her thighs.

They were provocative, and Sophia’s mouth was watering.

After a few seconds, Sophia watched as Isabella drifted off to sleep. Isabella’s eyes were more closed than open, and Sophia was tempted. The vision wasn’t helping matters.

Did Isabella’s thighs have to be so big? Inside Sophia a desire was taking shape, and Sophia couldn’t even suppress it.

Sophia stopped fighting with herself on whether or not to do it, she leaned toward Isabella and reaching for her thigh, Sophia stopped, hesitating.

Sending it all to hell, Sophia saved distance, and kissed Isabella’s thigh. She who was falling asleep, stirred in her seat, but didn’t fully open her eyes.

It took another kiss, and Sophia’s tongue for Isabella to wake up and realize the situation. Isabella hadn’t expected something like that.

Isabella captured Sophia kissing her thigh that was visible, and immediately wanted something more.

That wasn’t enough, and she settled in to let her friend blonde a better picture of things. Isabella hadn’t been asleep at all, and now she was awake, albeit drunk, and Isabella wanted more.

Without further ado, Isabella spread her legs, but not before she had removed her lacy underwear.

Sophia, who was attentive to everything, had become even more aroused, and didn’t think too much of it when she sank her face between those big thighs of Isabella’s.

Isabella’s pussy was lumpy and juicy. She was ready, and Sophia kissed around first, licking her inner thighs which were just as big, and grabbing Isabella’s legs for support.

Sophia was going up instead of down and kissed Isabella’s legs. Sophia went up to her knees and kissed her way down to Isabella’s pussy once more.

That time, Sophia ran a finger down Isabella’s center. It was wet, and ready. Sophia was so close to Isabella that she could eat her out, but she took her time.

Sophia plunged her finger into that wet cavity, and then Sophia left it on her clit causing Isabella to twitch and let out a little moan.

Isabella stared at Sophia with her mouth open. If they had already gone that far, they would continue to the ultimate consequences, and Isabella hoped those consequences would be orgasms.

Sophia’s finger twitched. Gently at first, but Sophia massaged Isabella’s clit with more emphasis, eliciting sobs of pleasure and moans from Isabella. Sophia wasn’t quite sure what she was doing, but Isabella liked it.

Every so often, Sophia would lift her head to see Isabella’s expression. Sophia inserted a finger into Isabella’s pussy, and then it was Sophia’s tongue’s turn.

She went all in, licking Isabella’s cave, Sophia drank Isabella’s juices, as Sophia’s tongue licked furiously.

It felt good to Sophia it was new territory for her but seeing Isabella’s face he knew she was enjoying it.

Sophia didn’t take her finger out of Isabella’s pussy. Meanwhile Sophia licked and sucked Isabella’s labia minora, also penetrating her with one finger, then two, until Sophia made Isabella scream.

Both Sophia’s tongue and fingers moved in tandem, giving equal joy to Isabella.

She had gone totally crazy, Isabella was screaming, vociferating that she wanted more of that Sophia’s tongue. Isabella was asking Sophia to lick harder, and Sophia obeyed.

Sophia’s tongue moved all over Isabella’s pussy. Sophia sucked on Isabella’s labia minora, then released them, Sophia will hold them in her mouth, then Sophia left them to take the clit and undo it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

Isabella letting herself go into a frenzy, she grabbed Sophia’s head and plunged it even deeper into her pussy.

A few seconds passed, and Sophia felt like she needed air. Isabella released her head, and Sophia could breathe, she sucked in enough air, and she continued to lick Isabella’s luscious pussy.

Sophia’s two fingers remained inside Isabella. This gave a bonus to the whole thing. Isabella felt that she could no longer live her fingers and without Sophia’s tongue.

Isabella’s moans and bellows flooded everything. Isabella was moving her hips into her friend’s mouth, and this Isabella was doing without even realizing it. Isabella couldn’t help herself.

It was so strong that she felt it had to come out somewhere. Isabella han was drunk as well as Sophia, and the two of them were enjoying an erotic moment that neither Sophia nor Isabella had planned, but Sophia and Isabella were glad they had.

Sophia intensified her licking and her fingers moved at such a speed that Sophia herself had trouble knowing how she was doing it.

Sophia’s hair was constantly being won by Isabella, who was on the verge of cumming. Sophia thought it must be so, for her whole mouth was filled with Isabella’s luscious juices, that area was getting wetter and wetter, and the spasms Isabella’s pussy was undergoing were more continuous and stronger.

That’s how Sophia felt it in her fingers, and Sophia knew she wasn’t wrong.

Sophia’s fingers made such rapid movements that Isabella girded herself tightly.

The licks Sophia had provided were almost professional. Isabella let the screams come unabashedly from her mouth. Isabella’s legs were shaking, so that if Isabella decided to walk she was going to end up on the floor. It was impossible.

One of the most brutal orgasms Isabella had ever had had left her with no strength to get up, adding to her drunkenness. That’s what Isabella let Sophia know, as Sophia was lecturing Isabella to go to bed.

Sophia was very horny, Sophia’s pussy was bubbling with fluids, she was throbbing a little, and in general, Sophia wanted to play with Isabella in bed, in Sophia’s room.

“Come on, Isabella, I want to go all the way to the bed. You can get up.” Sophia asked Isabella.

After several attempts, the two got up, and went to Sophia’s room. They both undressed each other, Isabella still had her dress on, and Sophia was fully clothed.

Sophia and Isabella kissed with an ardor that burned them to the depths of their being. Before they fell onto the bed, they continued kissing, and touching each other.

Isabella took the opportunity to touch Sophia everywhere including Sophia’s pussy. Isabella stuck a finger into her friend’s vulva and realized that Sophia was just as wet as she was.

They were both on fire and were dying to devour each other. Sophia and Isabella fell onto the bed, Isabella on top of Sophia, and as Isabella sucked on Sophia’s turgid nipples, she too fingered Sophia, this time, directly into Sophia’s pussy.

Isabella was masturbating Sophia, and at the same time, Isabella was licking, sucking, and nibbling on her nipples. Isabella took this further, and she moved on to licking and nibbling the rest of Sophia’s breast. This was very easy for Isabella, as Sophia had small breasts.

Sophia wasn’t far behind, and she kept groping Isabella, while Isabella did her best not to let go of Sophia’s breasts and start screaming like a possessed woman in pleasure.

Isabella could only moan in her throat. Sophia had small breasts, but they were firm and spectacular. If Isabella wanted to, she could take one of Sophia’s breasts, full in her mouth.

They rolled around on the bed caressing and kissing; they were devouring each other.

Isabella set herself the task of kissing all over Sophia’s body, she first went down her abdomen, and so Isabella got to Sophia’s pussy.

Isabella smiled and turned Sophia around to lick her back and buttocks. They were practically fighting to be the one in charge, but that didn’t stop them from having fun.

It was a game, and they were willing to play it. They were still drunk, however, they didn’t stop. Isabella licked Sophia’s pussy. Isabella ate Sophia to return the favor.

They were both very aroused. Sophia had only intended to play, but that change pleased her, and very much so.

Sophia came with the same intensity with which Isabella had come, even a little more, as a jet of liquid squirted out of Sophia’s pussy, splashing against Isabella’s face, and they both laughed.

It wasn’t funny stuff, but they were under the influence of alcohol. Sophia jumped on Isabella, she kissed her passionately, and Sophia went for Isabella’s big tits, Sophia thrust her face between those huge tits, and she shook her head, causing Isabella to laugh.

It was something Sophia had wanted to do, but since Sophia was there, she was going to lick those hard nipples. Isabella didn’t protest at any point, she let herself do the things Sophia wanted to do to her.

Sophia licked until Isabella’s nipple reached a much riper point. Sophia saw this as an opportunity to bite the nipple, and Isabella gasped, but she liked this. They were already quite exhausted.

It wasn’t long after this game between friends when Sophia and Isabella fell asleep in Sophia’s bed.

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