Monique caressed her lace panties, gliding her other hand slowly down the gentle curve of her breasts to her flat tummy. Nothing worked. She’d been starved for far too long. She’d woken up earlier, dressed in new lingerie in the hopes of getting her husband’s attention. But Alexander had only shot her a cursory glance, placed a kiss on her cheek and hurried out of the house.

She sat up with a frustrated growl. Her reflection stared back at her. The bold red lingerie complimented her tan skin, and her full breasts spilt out. Pity the lingerie hadn’t given her the result she wanted. If only…

The doorbell drew her out of her thoughts. Monique shot to her feet, reaching for her dressing gown. Maybe Alexander had changed his mind. He’d never been able to resist her in a new lingerie. Running down the stairs, she hurried toward the door.

She flung the door open with a bright smile.


Her smile faltered. It wasn’t Alexander.

A tall man in a dark suit stood before her. His blue eyes were wide with surprise. Heat rushed to her cheeks as she looked down. She hadn’t tied her dressing gown. Her see-through lingerie was on full display.

David’s eyes raked her, lingering on her breasts, moving to her belly, and down to the curve of her hips. His gaze burned her. Warmth spread to every part he looked at. Then his eyes met hers and her knees buckled. He saw her. He wasn’t looking past her like her husband did. He was looking at her. And he liked what he saw.

“David,” she mumbled, suddenly recalling who he was: their next-door neighbour.


Monique tied her dressing gown around her body, blushing beet red.

“I-I thought you were my husband.”

“He’s a lucky man.”

Something danced in his eyes. He looked at her the same way her husband used to: with hunger.

A shiver ran through her spine.

“So…what..” she cleared her throat. “Why are you here?”

David blinked. “I wanted to speak to Alexander about something.”

“He’s at work.”

David nodded. He made no move to leave, neither did she. His eyes dropped to her covered breasts. The heat curled in her belly, spreading to her core. He was handsome. Tall and muscled, with hair that was slicked back and a wicked luscious mouth.

“I should go.” His voice was husky.

He didn’t budge. Monique’s breath caught at the look in his eyes. He didn’t want to leave. And she didn’t want him to.

So she did something daring.

She took a step back. David entered the house and shut the door behind him. He closed the distance between them, snaked an arm around her waist, and claimed her lips with his. His hand separated the folds of her dressing gown, reaching in to touch her naked thigh. A shiver ran through her. How long had she been touched by hands that weren’t her own? He trailed a finger up her thigh, stopping just inches from her core. He broke the kiss and stared into her eyes. The intensity in them made her knees weak.

“You want this?”

Monique couldn’t speak. His hand cupped her pussy. Pleasure shot through her and she purred.

“Yes,” she mumbled.

David’s grin turned wicked. Shifting her panties aside, he touched her clit. Monique’s eyes fluttered shut as a moan escaped her. He stroked her clit slowly, his breaths getting heavier by the second. Her body shuddered. It felt so good, better than her hands could ever be. Without warning, he plunged a finger into her.


Monique’s body shook with pleasure at the rhythmic motion. He added another finger, increasing his thrusts until she was on edge. Just when she was about to climax, he withdrew. She almost wept.

“David,” she begged, reaching for him.

He removed his suit jacket, and popped open the buttons on his shirt, revealing tan, chiselled chest. Her mouth went dry. He sat on the sofa.


sex in lingerie

The command in his tone sent a dash of pleasure through her. Slowly, she removed her dressing gown. His eyes darkened with lust. Monique turned her back and removed the lingerie. David’s sharp intake of breath was her undoing.

“Come here.”

Monique obeyed. She straddled him. David took her nipple in his mouth, cupping her other breast. He licked, bit, and sucked, giving both breasts equal attention. She melted in his arms, letting her hands wander on his chiselled body. His hand moved to cup her ass. She shifted against him, feeling his hardness pressing against her crotch. Rotating her hips, she rubbed herself on him.

David touched her pussy, trailing a finger between her lips. Then he touched her clit and bit her nipple at the same time. Monique moaned in his ears.

“Fuck me.” Her voice rang with need. “Please.”

The next few seconds passed in a blur. David unbuckled his belt faster than any man she’d seen, and his cock sprang free. She stroked it, holding her breath.

“You’re huge,” she breathed in awe, wishing she could take him in her mouth. But not now. Not when she so badly wanted him inside her.

Positioning him at her entrance, she teased him for a while. David’s warning growl sent a rush of pleasure through her. She took him in, inch by inch, until he was buried within her. Monique paused to savour his fullness. David’s breath was hot on her neck. He panted with need, moving to nibble her jaw. His hands cupped her ass, forcing her to move.

“Ride me.”

Another order. She shifted her hips. Their sighs of pleasure intermingled. She threw her head back, shutting her eyes as the sensation overtook her. David trailed kisses down her neck. He moved downwards, taking her nipple in his mouth. Monique grasped at his shoulders. Hard muscles rippled beneath her hands. The pressure began to mount. She sped up her movements, lost in her pleasure. His lips found hers, and she moaned into his mouth.

A cry tore from her lips as she climaxed. David reached his peak seconds later. He filled her with his cum, releasing a groan. She placed her head on his chest, spent.

Her phone buzzed.

Lifting her head, she glanced at it. A message from Alexander.

I’ll be home in ten minutes. Wear that lingerie.

Monique’s eyes widened. “Fuck.”

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