Her Roommate Finds Out She's Craving For Him

Alice had been fantasizing about her roommate, Jake, for a long time now, ever since she moved in, he has been the subject of her fantasies. She wanted to taste herself on his fingers, to taste her juices straight from his cock, she wanted to feel his saliva wetting her nipples and teasing her.

One night, during a storm the lights went off in the city. It was late in the night and when Alice walked out of the room, she found Jake in the living room, sitting on the floor with a candle lit on, playing his unplugged electric guitar, trying to entertain himself.

As she walked towards him, she admired his shirtless torso, tattooed and strong, his messy short black hair, his expression while he played, and the ripped jeans, he was a badass daddy and she wanted all of him. 

Alice sat in front of him, his eyes nailed on her, she was only wearing a shirt, panties, and socks, and the fact that she already was a bit wet just by staring at him her nipples were hard against her shirt. She lit up a cigarette and stared at him as he played. 

She watched his hands moving up and down the bridge, and she imagined his fingers touching her the same way, teasing between her pussy lips, spanking, pinching her nipples. 

And as Alice imagined all of this, her panties started to get wet, making it even more obvious to Jake. Jake's eyes never left her, and as she moved around to calm her arousal, he placed his guitar on the couch. 

"What are you thinking about?" he asked, intrigued.

"Why did you stop playing?"

"Cause I want to know what's on your mind," he said with a smirk. 

"Do you want the truth or a lie?" she asked, inhaling her cigarette. 

"The truth," he said. 

She hesitated for a moment, as she breathed out the smoke. "I was thinking about... the things I have to do for tomorrow."

He looked away, disappointed. But then, he moved forward, towards her, "I said I wanted the truth."

"How can you tell is not the truth?"

"Come on Alice, why don't you say what's on your mind, you can't lie to me anymore," he said again, getting closer to her face. 

Alice felt his scent right on her nostrils, drawing her in, then he got so close she felt his warm breath on her face, and then his lips, barely touching her, provoking the wildest sensations around her skin. 

"So, are you going to say it?" he said and Alice gave up.

"I want you, Jake," she finished. That was all it took for him to press his lips against hers, she felt his tongue seeking hers out, and when she touched it, it made her get even more aroused. 

He placed his hand on her nape and tilted his head to kiss her even deeper, Alice couldn't believe he was kissing her. Then he stood up, took the cigarette from her hand, and gripped her chin. 

He started undoing his jean and Alice started getting anxious, her whole body warmed up in anticipation. She placed her hands on his crotch, waiting and when he pulled it out, she immediately opened her mouth and started sucking his cock. 

She has never felt so hungry before, Alice took it in her hands, and lifting it she reached for his balls, giving them the same attention. She moved her hands on his length and opened her mouth again, but then Jake held her head and started fucking her mouth. 

Alice loved gagging on his cock, she wanted to please. Then he pulled her up, Alice got on the couch and rested her forearms on the back, and she pulled up her ass for him. 

Jake immediately pulled down her panties and pressed his cock against her dripping entrance, he entered her slowly, Alice moaned when she felt him, then he started moving fast. "Oh my gosh! Ah!" she cried in pleasure. Jake was everything she has ever wanted and now that she had him, he was so much more than she imagined. 

Her pussy was dripping wet, each time he pulled out his cock would come out coated in her juices. Jake pushed his big cock deep inside her and suddenly, he spanked her, "Yes!" she cried.

Then he pushed her torso down on the couch exposing her holes, he went even deeper inside her. "Oh yes! Please, don't stop." She suddenly started moving her ass in small circles, allowing his cock to reach all of her places. 

"Oh my gosh," he moaned and then he started moving even faster, spanking her round ass. Alice was starting to feel the heat building up around her core, taking her beyond any pleasure she ever experienced. 

"Oh yes, keep on going, just like that," she moaned out loud as he kept on moving his hips in and, out. She felt his big cock sliding tightly inside her, taking her deeper into pleasure with each thrust, and then, after he spanked her once again, she started trembling and twitching around his cock, releasing the intense orgasm she had been saving for him for a long time. 

"Oh, fuck yessss!" she cried, feeling her orgasm invading every pore of her body, everything went deliciously blurred at that moment. Jake started slowing down as she finished her release. Once she recovered, he pulled out and Alice shifted, facing him.

She took his cock inside her mouth again, tasting herself straight from his cock just as she imagined. She sucked his head and moved her hands on his shaft and then, he came right inside her mouth at the same time the lights went back on. 

Alice was delighted to see Jake having an orgasm, his orgasm face was a major turn-on and something she knew she would constantly masturbate to. His cum tasted incredibly good, and as she felt it slide down her throat, he grabbed her wrists and led her to his room. 

"This ain't over yet," he said. 

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