First experience

My life is pretty settled in a routine, I always wake up at seven in the morning, drag myself to the bathroom, brush my teeth, get a shower, put on my contact lenses, decide for a while what to put on, get changed about ten times before settling with the ugly t-shirt and denim skirt, get breakfast, wash the dishes and get to work.

But ever since I met Matt my life has changed a bit, he always comes home to spend time with me before work and I love it. But what Matt doesn't know is that I'm still a virgin.

I guess it never happened for me before, meeting the right guy and doing it, but with Matt things have been very special, he's the most loving man I've ever met, and when we're alone it just gets intense.

Last weekend I invited him over to have breakfast with me. He came home and when I opened up for him, I almost lose control, he was right there, smiling, looking amazing and relaxed in his shirt and jeans.

He walked inside and when our eyes connected it was pure fire. I led him to bed, as usual, but most of the time we just kiss, but I knew that day would be different.

We held hands, and he kissed me gently, he kissed my nose, my forehead and my cheeks, then he laid his lips against mine, and he kissed me so softly, I kissed him back.

We kissed for a while and I instantly felt that particular heat growing inside me, it was special. Then he slid his tongue inside my mouth and I loved it, he massaged my tongue carefully, but the innocence of our kiss quickly became intense and passionate.

He looked for my tongue more intensely, and I craved for his mouth. He opened his mouth and licked my lips, tasting every inch of them, he dropped my hands and placed them on my waist, pulling me closer.

When I felt him gripping the hem of my shirt I got nervous. He slowly began pulling it up, exposing my bra. He slid it up my shirt and continued to kiss me, my hands were starting to shake.

"Matt..." I said when he gave me the chance to breath. "Matt... I..."

"What's wrong baby?" he asked me, leaning his forehead against mine.

"Matty... I'm a... virgin..."

His eyes snapped open, he was very surprised, "Really?" he asked me and I felt embarrassed.

"Yes," I replied, feeling my cheeks burning.

"Oh baby, I... I don't want you to feel pressured or anything," he kissed my nose.

"I want you to be my... first..." I finally said after a bit. I was dying to feel him, to know what sex was all about.

"I love you so much," he continued to kiss me, and then he gently caressed my arms, and my waist, temptingly passing his fingers near my breasts.

We continued to kiss, and I started getting more nervous, I wrapped my hands around him as he slowly laid me down on the bed.

I wrapped my legs around him as he explored my body with his hands. Then he lowered his head and started kissing my chest, my breasts.

I moaned; I felt my body burning the more he touched me. Suddenly, he took off my bra and exposed my perky breasts, I felt embarrassed, I've never been naked in front of anyone, but he quickly made me feel comfortable. He opened his mouth and sucked my nipples into his mouth, increasing the heat already burning inside me.

Then he traveled down my body and between my legs, getting rid of my denim skirt and my panties. I watched him take off his shirt, his body was amazing, toned and strong.

He then removed his jeans and let out his cock, it was big, and it twitched before my eyes. I was impressed with him and for a moment I feared it wouldn't fit inside me. He spread my legs, exposing my parts to him and then, he lowered his head and started eating me out.

I've never felt anything as intense as his mouth around my cunt, it felt phenomenal. His tongue licked everything, my slit, my clit, and my hymen.

I felt myself reaching an intense heat that after a while exploded all over my body, I lost my mind as I felt that intense pleasure traveling all over my skin.

"You just had an orgasm," he said when I asked him why did I felt something intense. I couldn't help smiling, that felt incredible.

Then Matt positioned himself between my legs, and pressed his cock against my entrance, I felt nervous when he started pushing, and then, as it slid inside me, I felt an intense pain.

"It's okay, baby, the pain will go away in a bit," he calmed me down and it did. His cock felt incredibly huge inside me, I even thought it would break me in half, but it didn't, instead, he gently moved in and out, stretching my walls to meet his size.

He did it that way until I felt comfortable enough, then he started moving faster, deeper, carving out pleasure from my walls and making me reach that peak of pleasure again.

Seeing him so turned on, enjoying my body, moaning in my ears quickly made me lose my mind, and right beneath his cock I completely lost it again, my whole body started trembling and quivering as I moaned out his name.

I was amazed at how good making love with him was, I never thought sex could feel so great, could be so intimate. I never felt connected with anyone like I do with him.

Matt then taught me how to suck his cock and tasting myself from him was very erotic. Then he placed me upon him, and we continued making love for the rest of the day, he has been the best teacher and the greatest lover a woman could ever ask for.

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