Dominated By Her Dad's Friend

Cara's dad has a friend she is particularly attracted to, although she doesn't have a taste for older men, his eyes, his personality, and his presence could make her feel a strong sensation on her skin. 

One day, while she was in her room just chilling, she started doing her nails, while listening to music with her headphones on. Suddenly she realized she forgot the nail polish remover and walked out of her bedroom wearing only her PJs, which usually consisted of a T-shirt, no bra, and panties.

While walking outside she didn't realize there were people downstairs who could see her walking toward the bathroom. She was singing loudly, then she got the nail polish remover and when she exited the bathroom, she noticed her dad talking to her, and his friend, Cameron. 

Cara was so embarrassed, she removed her headphones and heard her father shouting at her to go back inside her room, and then her eyes landed on Cameron. His eyes were nailed on her, exploring her body, she quickly went back inside her room and when she closed the door she looked back at him, he was still staring at her.

"Shit!" she said to herself as she removed her PJs and pulled out clothes from her closet, she got changed into a dress, then she decided not to wear any underwear, knowing he stared at her that long, she wanted to test him. Then she hesitated about going outside. 

Cara walked down the stairs only to find Cameron alone in the living room. "Oh!" she said, ready to head back as her face burned in embarrassment again. 

Cameron stared back at her the same way as he did earlier, causing her to get even more blushed. The heat started to grow inside her like fire. 

"Can I help you with something?" he asked Cara after being silent for a couple of seconds. 

"Do you know where I can find my dad?" she asked him

"He said he would be in his office answering a phone call," he replied 

Cara sat down on the couch next to him, she knew that interrupting her daddy was not a good thing and that he would take a long time, so she decided to stay in there with Cameron, testing him. 

 He was looking at Cara as she crossed her legs. She did it slowly, hoping to see some reaction and she got it.  "You changed your clothes," he suddenly said, out of nowhere.

"I had to," she replied. But then she felt his gaze right on her temple. Cara stared back at him and held his gaze, she felt he was challenging her. 

"Did you do it because of me?" he asked, tilting his head to the side as he held no discretion in staring at her long legs. 

Cara breathed in deeply, feeling the blushing burning on her cheeks, her skin was getting sensitive and her insides moistened. 

"Come here," he commanded her and Cara obeyed, moved by intense electricity. She stood next to him, then he ordered her to turn around and lifted her skirt, and she started getting nervous. 

"What am I supposed to do with you?" he asked her as he dropped her skirt back in place. Her nipples started getting hard against the dress, she could feel her walls throbbing and moving in desire.

Cara then dropped to her knees, "Take me," she finally said. Cameron then lowered the upper part of her dress, exposing her breast in the air. He then pinched them making her moan. 

"Are you telling me that you want my cock?" he asked, teasing her.

"Yes," she replied. 

He then stood up, lowered his fly, and pulled out his hard cock. Cara watched it bounce in front of her, she immediately opened her mouth and he slid it inside, deep. 

Cara tasted his sex with a desire she had never felt before. She moved in and out of his length, wanting to taste all of him. 

Suddenly he pushed it in as deep as she could take it, making her gag on him. Cara had never taken a penis so deep inside her mouth and she loved it. 

Cameron used her mouth for a bit before pulling her up and placing her on the chair. Cara leaned forward, exposing her ass, and as Cameron lifted her skirt, he sank his face between her buttocks and ran his tongue over her dripping slit. 

"Mmm yes!" Cara moaned. She had never felt so thrilled about a man as she felt with Cameron. She wanted to feel him inside her fast. Cameron tasted her juices and played with her clit flicking his tongue over it. 

Cara moaned against her hand, trying to control her volume so nobody could hear her demonstrations of pleasure. Then Cameron positioned himself behind her, pressing his head against her wetness, and as she stared back at him, he pushed his cock inside, slowly, allowing her to feel all of his cock. 

Then he started moving fast, each time he thrust in he did it deeply and hard, Cara was losing her control over him, she never expected Cameron to be so thrilling as he was. Every touch, every spank, sent shivers down her spine and right down into her core. 

His cock rubbed against all the right places, "Oh my gosh, yes!" she started moaning out loud, this time being Cameron the one trying to lower her volume. 

He placed his hand against her mouth as he fucked her deep and hard. The sensations he made her feel were beyond anything she ever experiences, and as he held her against his body to keep her quiet, he slid even faster inside her tight pussy. 

Cara couldn't take it anymore, she suddenly started trembling and twitching around his cock as she released her intense orgasm with his name in her mouth. 

She had never felt an orgasm as good and intense as that one. Then, Cameron pulled out and ordered her to get on her knees again, he fucked her mouth for a bit before shooting his orgasm in the back of her throat. 

Cara felt his warm milk deliciously sliding down her throat, tasting it made her want some more. "Next time, text me when your daddy is not home and I'll come to teach you some discipline. Go to your room now, or I'll tell him you've been a bad girl." She knew then, they wouldn’t stop there.  

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