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Smart, warm and flirtatious, Kayla is the perfect companion for a gentleman seeking the company of a beautiful, spirited and playful woman. She is a professional young London Escort with a stunning figure and a sweet personality who will make sure you're happy. While she has many desirable attributes, in her presence you are drawn to her beauty, with incredible eyes and wonderful plump lips giving her the face of a naughty angel.

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  • Author:OnlyMe
    Date:November 8, 2023
    Amazing girl. Always nice and try to make you comfortable
  • Author:Nick
    Date:June 20, 2023
    I have to say I was really disappointed, having used this agency plenty of times before. She didn't even bother to dress in anything sexy, just a baggy t-shirt, nothing like the pictures! I can see she has good reviews from before so maybe was an off day, but when you're taking £150 from people you should at least try to make people feel welcome. Really regret booking her.
  • Author:George
    Date:June 20, 2023
    When I first saw you , I was so excited! You were so beautiful and cute, I immediately got super excited! I was so happy when we went inside the hotel, just like lovers. When we were in bed, you massaged me gently and came very close to me. My heart was beating fast when your beautiful face approached me. Especially when you blew your breath into my ears, my heart beat was even faster. I think I got really into it. I’ll come again to see you, Kayla.
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