It’s that limbo period between Christmas and New Year, when no-one really knows what the hell to do with themselves! We have an idea of course… Book yourself some London escort company!

But you knew we’d say that, right? What else are you supposed to do with a week in between Christmas and New Year? You should really treat it how it’s supposed be treated, not seriously! No-one does any work, even if they go back to work. Everyone continues to eat copious amounts of leftover Christmas treats, and they’re all getting drunk anyway. What could possibly get accomplished in this time? It’s a wonder the country doesn’t just destroy itself to be honest!

You could always go to the sales

But then again, haven’t you done enough shopping? In the run up to Christmas you’ve probably been shopping for all those last-minute gifts and spent all your money anyway. And that money you haven’t spent, you don’t really want to start spending all over again do you? After all, we don’t buy stuff like this all year round do we? Why start going mental during the New Year?

If you insist on going to the sales, go now when they’re just starting and don’t wait until January. Why they insist on starting the January Sales in December is beyond us, but we do know that if you wait, you’re not going to get any of the good stuff. People sleep outside shops these days for Christ’s sake! Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

No London escort sales, but always good value

We couldn’t very well put the girls on sale could we? Not unless they decided to considerably lower their price just for January! We’re not in control of how much they charge after all, we just represent them. However, we can insist on only representing the best for you? And we can always make sure that we try and find new girls all the time. We’re very good at this. We always have new girls joining. Don’t ask us how it happens, we don’t know, but it’s good news all the same. We suppose it’s reputation and word of mouth among the escorting community that does most of it.

From all here at Top Secret Escorts – We wish you a very Happy New Year!