Kate did the maths once again and then once again just to be sure. She was definitely not going to afford either food or books this next semester at the London School of Economics if something didn’t change in her budget.

Even if she ate all her meals at SU, she would still be really really short.
She looked up as her roommate came in and flopped onto her bed, eyes closed.
“Alrigh’?” she said.
“Yeah aces. Just got back from A-framing with a couple of tossers. Oxford boys with tuition money to burn. I think I just took care of my entire book budget in one night.”
“Seriously?” Kate asked with her mouth open.
“Well no. God, you know how expensive anatomy books are? Even second hand?”
Kate inclined her head in acknowledgement.
“I made good headway though…” Cheryl said sleepily, interrupting herself midway with a huge yawn.
She had given Kate a lot to think about.

Kate watched Cheryl dress up for the party. It was some corporate affair and Cheryl’s ‘date’ for the evening was one of the executives.
“You could come with if you want,” she said, “Daryl’s definitely got a friend.”
“I…” Kate said blushing with embarrassment at being caught out, “I’ve never done it before.”
“Wot? Gone on a date? Had sex?”
“No, I mean, escorting. I don’t know how…”
“Pshaw, it’s no different than normal dating. Only you get paid at the end of the night. Come on, wear that green stunner you’ve been saving. It really brings out your eyes.”
“Shouldn’t you call him and find out…?”
Cheryl sighed, “Fine.” She said and picked up her phone.
“Hey Daryl, your friend that you were talking about-”
There was a small silence as she listened.
“Yeah, can I-”
Cheryl smiled.
“Excellent, you can get the two fer rate!”
More nodding on Cheryl’s part and Kate was on tenterhooks to hear what the verdict was.
“What did he say?” she asked as soon as Cheryl hung up.
“He said he and his friend would be delighted to show us a night on the town.”
“And what’s the two fer rate?”
“Oh nothing. I’ll just bump off ten quid off the charges and everyone’s happy. Right?”
Kate sighed, “Yeah okay. Thanks for this.”
“Ah, what are friends for?”