We all know just how much you like to treat yourself to a London escort at Christmas time, and why the hell not? But just how much do you value yourself? Do you value yourself enough to book duo London escort?

Duos are widely available throughout London, from a variety of different agencies, but they’re not all as good as each other. The girls differ, the agencies differ, but most of all it’s the genuine nature of the girls’ bisexuality that differs. Perhaps you’ve already booked duo London escorts from another agency or independently, and had an issue with the genuine nature of the girls’ sexuality.

You can spot it a mile away

Someone’s sexuality is not something that’s easily hidden really, so you ought to be able to spot it a mile away. And this is what makes it even worse. When you’re in the presence of a couple who are supposed to be genuinely bisexual and there simply isn’t a spark of attraction between the two of them, it’s really disheartening and disappointing. If you’ve paid your fee and requested a bi duo, that’s what you should really get.

Our policy on bisexual London escorts

We don’t much care what sexuality the girls are to be perfectly honest, but we do insist that if they claim to be bisexual, they really are. As one of London’s top agencies, we do not make a habit of publishing misleading information on our website. If you do that it only ever comes back to haunt you in the long run. And a good agency doesn’t need a reputation of not delivering on what they promise.

If you are going to book from another agency, it’s in your best interests to make it clear to them that when you book a duo, you insist that they only provide you with the choice of genuinely bi-sexual London escorts. If you’re not particularly bothered, and just want two girls, don’t worry about it. Also make it clear to them that you will want a refund if you are not completely satisfied. Please consider that at Top Secret Escorts we do not give refunds for anything unless there is a very good reason. You can rest assured that you won’t want one anyway; particularly from our bisexual London escorts.

So go ahead and give yourself a proper Christmas treat!