There is an art in picking up girls at bars, and we will go some way to explain it to you. However, our first and most important piece of advice to you regarding this would be not to bother.

We suppose that it all depends on what you’re after to be honest. When we say “don’t bother” we mean not to look for women to establish a relationship with. You are probably both worse for wear with booze and/or loud music etc. so it’s hardly the optimal environment for finding someone special!

You could just get laid of course

If you just fancy getting laid we would say yes, go for it and have some fun. As one of London’s most popular and “well-stocked” if you will, escort agencies we would always opt for having fun above poisoning a relationship any day. The trouble is however, women do not share the same philosophy we’re afraid, which is why you will need some tips, whether you want a quick lay or the possibility of an actual relationship.

Don’t get us wrong, there are women out there at the weekend who genuinely do just want a good time on the night, and they’re looking for nothing else. But they are pretty rare breed to be honest. Women realise that most men in bars are after one thing though; they’re not stupid. But they do maintain that hopefulness, that despite the carnal desires their potential partner has initially, they may well be “boyfriend material”.

Show the “boyfriend material”

So that’s your key! And the beauty of this is that it works no matter what your motives are. Remember that much of our information comes from escorts, so we have a very good idea of what women want; as well as a very good idea what men want.

Got a live one?

You can always turn up the charm and make it a little more flirty if you have a woman who clearly wants to screw you! But essentially, if you display all the traits of the perfect boyfriend, you’re going to be in easily.

If you’re not having any luck at all, remember that you can always book escorts to keep you company. At Top Secret Escorts we have one of the largest choice of girls available in the city today, and we’re all “well-stocked!”