Tanya was looking for the big payout. Her twenty third birthday was around the corner and she had no intention of doing this forever. With all her experience in the business, her savvy and her looks, she should be able to graduate from working girl to the owner of a successful London escorts agency if she was clever. She looked through her black book, thinking about her clientele and who would be willing to pay just a little more for a night they would never forget.

“Why not try all of them?” she murmured to herself with a shrug and called her manager.

“I’m doubling my rate for now on.” She said.

“What? Why? You’re already commanding top dollar as it is, how would you justify that?”

“Just get me the clients, let me do the talking okay Richie?”

“Yeah okay. So since we’re talking clients; Sir Alex called. He’d like you from Friday to Sunday next weekend. Don’t know what he’ll think about your new rate though.”

Tanya smiled, “Oh I think he’ll like it just fine.”

Sir Alex called her two days later, to confirm things especially the new price.

“Ah Alex, it is wonderful to hear from you.”

“It’s nice speaking to you as well Tanya. But why the doubling of your rate? Have I done something?”

“No no no darling. Nothing like that. It’s just, I’ve added a few things to my escorting repertoire that I thought you might like and…they don’t come cheap,” she said her voice lowering and deepening substantially on the last words to illustrate just how extraordinary her new repertoire was.

“Oh…” Sir Alex said sounding breathless, “that sounds…” he cleared his throat, “Would you mind…elaborating somewhat?”

“Oh sure darling. Are you somewhere private?”

There was a small silence and then “Y-yes,” Sir Alex said sounding hoarse, “W-why?”

“Because I want you to visualize the underwear I’m wearing. It’s crotchless you see, made of lace and silk. It’s so soft where the silk cradles my bum but the lace is between the lips of my pussy, scratching at my clitoris and making me uncomfortably wet. I intend to have them on all weekend.”

The only response she got to that was heavy breathing.

“Sir Alex? You still with me? Can you imagine my hands tied behind my back? So I can’t touch my pussy or relieve the itch. It’s driving me crazy. I’m not gonna touch my pussy until I see you. Can you imagine how hungry I’ll be?”

There was a long silence on the line, punctuated by breathing.

“I-Ill see you on Friday then, bright and early,” Sir Alex said, his voice higher than normal.

“I can’t wait,” Tanya replied.