Helen’s escort bookings phone dinged and she glanced at it as her client a successful London property developer bounced up and down, moaning and groaning as her strap on fucked him up royally. She changed the angle a bit, wanting to his prostrate on every third pass as she grabbed her phone and checked the message.

“It’s your wife again, wanting to know when we’ll be done.”
“Uuuuhhhh,” he said thrusting back so hard he almost toppled her back into the headboard. She grabbed hold of his hips in time and steadied herself, arching forward to give him more stimulation as she typed out a reply.
‘Almost done.’ She wrote. When he became incoherent she always knew he was close. Right on cue his moaning became louder and higher pitched and she slapped his buttocks a few times, thrusting harder into him each time to get him there faster.
He was pleading with her now. Begging. Helen knew what he wanted, and knew it wasn’t time to give it to him yet.
She moved back, withdrawing from him completely and causing him to whine in complaint.
“Ass up, head down,” she growled putting as much menace in her voice as she could. He obeyed at once and she moved her hips forward, thrusting with deliberate roughness into him. He squealed, whole body tensing and contracting, back arching with the indistinguishable combination of pain and pleasure that had him returning to her over and over again. She withdrew completely from him again, using the time to text his wife that it was time before leaning forward with her whole body and letting her strap on push its way into his waiting anus with no finesse at all.
The client screamed, whole body arching before he came in a shuddering, stuttering mess. His wife opened the door just as he collapsed onto the bed and Helen moved away, unstrapping herself from the strap on and heading to the showers. She glanced back once to watch the man’s wife cradling her in his arms, fingers running softly down his back in a soothing motion.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he was murmuring over and over.
“It’s perfectly alright,” his wife replied kissing him gently on the forehead.
Helen turned away, and closed the bathroom door behind her. There were very few escorts in London who could deliver role play as well as her; now her work here was done.