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Review Date: 4th of September 2018 Date of Visit: 18th of September 2018 Time of visit: 18:00
Author: TomA Looks: Performance:
This woman has a pair of tits that left me speechless.
Review Date: 2nd of September 2018 Date of Visit: 1st of September 2018 Time of visit: 23:45
Author: Benben Looks: Performance:
Went to visit Milena last night - what an absolutely stunning girl - incredibly beautiful plus has a super fun personality. She has fantastic blue eyes and kept eye contact locked with me from the second I walked in. Amazing body (loads of really cool tattoos that have been photoshopped from the photos), amazing attitude, and amazing sex, although I'd had a few too many drinks so I didn't finish - but that just gives me an excuse to go back! So much fun and so sexy - can't recommend highly enough ;)
Review Date: 1st of September 2018 Date of Visit: 1st of January 1970 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Ali Looks: Performance:
What a performer. OMG if I was 21 I will be visiting her twice a day. Guys don't miss her, you will kick yourself if you do.
Review Date: 30th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 30th of August 2018 Time of visit: 16:15
Author: Joe Looks: Performance:
At my age my sexual powers are not what they were so I was wondering if this hot little minx who I had not seen for a year and a half would be too much for me! From the first second of the visit to the last (a naked Milena closing the door blowing me a kiss as I pressed the lift button) it was a wonderful and intensely full on sexual experience. When the door opened she was standing there, as asked, naked excepting her high heeled shoes, lacey black stockings and a black and gold G string and was locking her mesmerising eyes onto mine with a come and get me look. As she shut the door we were plunged into pitch darkness in the hallway and I found myself treated to a long deep kiss, my hands went downwards cupping her gorgeous pert bottom, then moving up to stroke and slide all over her still slightly damp (from her recent shower) gorgeous body, bending to sucking a nipple and kissing her neck as she squirmed against me. This only came to a halt when I tried to slide my fingers down the front of her G string, I briefly touched her pussy, then she twisted away and pranced toward the bedroom. I followed her in the half darkness and into her boudoir which was set up for copulation - sporting a king size double bed with a deep red cover, soft lighting, two firm pillows with which to put under her arse to raise up her pussy and two large mirrors strategically placed to view the fucking. Milenka (as she likes to be called) looked fabulous and she started by pushing her nubile body against me, grinding her crutch up against my now pulsing cock, telling me to fuck her and sinking her tongue into my mouth. There followed lots more snogging and fondling as my clothes were peeled off. Given a towel, shown the shower and after this we went to the living room to smoke a cigarette. I lay back stark naked on the sofa and Milenka climbed astride my lap, breasts in my face and her crotch gyrating on my stiff penis as I drew on my cigarette. She then slipped off, took it in her mouth and started sucked gently her eyes looking straight into mine until I became hard as a rock. On the way back to the bedroom she wiggled her arse enticingly at me which produced a growl of primitive lust and caused my cock to give a big twitch of hungry desire. Like a dog on heat I entered the bedroom, we stood in front of the mirror, Milenka behind me playing with my engorged penis as we told each other in graphic terms what we were going to do to each other. Pushed her onto the bed, she fell back with a smile opening her legs wide, I hooked my fingers around the sides of her G string and peeled it up and off her legs which were now clasped together pointing towards the ceiling. A little pause from the temptress, she looks up at me with a haughty half smile on her face before she opens her legs wide to reveal a moist pussy which, if I was not mistaken, showed evidence of having been recently and vigorously penetrated! She told me to lick her and I started by sticking my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could thrust it. Yes most certainly this slick, opened, smooth pussy had obviously received a most vigorous fucking (the last customer leaving moments before I arrived). Milenka is VERY responsive and my licking and sucking produced rampant twisting and bucking of her hips, lots of moaning and gasping followed after a few minutes by a full on shuddering orgasm. On with the condom (with her mouth of course!) and then it was my turn to taunt her as she lay back lifting her hips up to me, begging me to slide my cock into her and fuck her. I slipped a pillow under her arse and pushed her legs wide open. After a lustful verbal exchange, looking down into her eyes I took hold of her ankles, lifted them high and wide and almost casually pushed my full 7 inch engorged cock up to the hilt into her pussy. This produced the reaction I wanted, screams of insatiable panting delight and I then went to work with a vengeance and driving it in as hard and as fast as I could knowing that her cunt had already been well prepared for this onslaught. There followed a frenzied fuck fest with me ramming it in from all angles, Milenka screaming for more and both of us crying out in the ecstacy of it. We told each other in detail exactly what this encounter was all about. Pure unadulterated lustful filth was whispered into her ear by me, the more crude it was the more she loved it, moaning her appreciation straight into my ear. As I lay on top of her I marvelled in the delightful sensations of her soft warm cunt enveloping my straining thrusting cock. Complete heaven on earth! She then sat on me facing the mirror, admiring herself while I spanked her arse often and hard until it was pink and stinging. I grabbed her hips and lusted over the sight of her reddened arse and stretching cunt as she rode up and down on me twisting around and telling me to fuck her harder. Then leapt into kneeling behind her and then doggied her hard, after a bit I forced her down flat on the bed and savaging her pussy in a furious stabbing assault with Milenka screaming and bucking under me. Reverted to me on top and after some encouragement from me, she started murmured Polish filth into my ear, what she said I know not, though it spurred me on to a particularly furious final spate of fucking. I began to slow after this. Time was running short and I couldn't come (age can do this!) so I had to call it a day (a delicious wank in the bath later though . What a perfect performance from Milenka, which didn't stop when I came out of the shower again, her kissing and licking the head of my cock (still semi erect) before I had to feed it back into my pants as I got dressed to go. More fondling and kissing between the bedroom and the exit door. Really and truly an epic fuck from a star performer. A judgement from someone with considerable experience in such matters! She is a lovely full on Polish beauty who knows and loves her business. By the way nobody gets a 10 in my book, I don’t do exaggeration I tell it as it is.
Review Date: 30th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 29th of August 2018 Time of visit: 20:00
Author: Ray Looks: Performance:
What can I say, mate I was totally blown away bloody fit bird, good tits, sexy legs and the shag was out of this world.
Review Date: 29th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 28th of August 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Alan Looks: Performance:
I agree with the last review, I lost faith in Romanian girls until I visited her. She knows exactly how to make a man happy and DFK is a vital part of that. Her performance was second to non and on top of that her look is absolutely gorgeous.
Review Date: 27th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 26th of August 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: ST3V1 Looks: Performance:
Apartment was clean and tidy. Denisse was Polite, friendly and comfortable to be with. Amazing body and service was fantastic. Overall a very satisfied visit. Will definitely book again
Review Date: 27th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 22nd of August 2018 Time of visit: 20:00
Author: Celvin Looks: Performance:
The best time I spent with a young lady! Lovely girl young natural and very friendly.
Review Date: 27th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 24th of August 2018 Time of visit: 02:15
Author: Aron Looks: Performance:
It was pleasure to spend time with Aurelia. When she opened the door for me, I saw a tall slender and very sexy brunette. She was hot as hell! I couldn't wait to go into the bedroom. OMG it was great experience this girl has class! Definitly recommended.
Review Date: 27th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 25th of August 2018 Time of visit: 05:00
Author: Matt Looks: Performance:
I enjoyed Stunning young goodness.. She is young, attractive and full of energy, it was a fantastic experience
Review Date: 27th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 26th of August 2018 Time of visit: 04:30
Author: Dan Looks: Performance:
Tall, slim and very friendly. Listed service was delivered with a smile on her beauty face! One of the best choices on South Kensington. Definitely I'll be back xx
Review Date: 22nd of August 2018 Date of Visit: 22nd of August 2018 Time of visit: 17:00
Author: Ben Looks: Performance:
“Spicy” is very pretty and has amazing eyes, the photos don’t really do her justice. More importantly though, she seems a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to spend time with.
Review Date: 15th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 14th of August 2018 Time of visit: 16:00
Author: Jon Looks: Performance:
Very lovely lady. She is perfect. Great body. Looked amazing in high heels bra and stockings. She provided me love, care and attention. It was a pleasure to be with such a sexy woman. Great sensual lady. Thankyou for make me so happy !!
Review Date: 12th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 8th of October 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Hash Looks: Performance:
Amazing girl Great assets, very pretty and Eager to please Had an amazing time with her Will definitely book her again
Review Date: 6th of August 2018 Date of Visit: 2nd of August 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Adam Looks: Performance:
Nice cozy place. Molly is a petite and attractive girl. She has very friendly attitude and knows how to treat clients. We had a short conversation after introduction and then straight to business, which was very pleasurable. She has a special technique which makes s*x extremely intense and when its time to submit, its an explosion. All I all fantastic.
Review Date: 3rd of August 2018 Date of Visit: 24th of July 2018 Time of visit: 16:45
Author: A Bloke Looks: Performance:
She is as in the pictures except somehow even more sexy. Absolutely gorgeous and passionate when it counts. Just to be kissed by those lovely lips or have her splendid breasts pressed against you is a treat in itself. Thoroughly recommended.
Review Date: 3rd of August 2018 Date of Visit: 2nd of August 2018 Time of visit: 21:00
Author: Hus Looks: Performance:
Very nice lady. She is beautiful and will probably be a star here soon. All the best.
Review Date: 30th of July 2018 Date of Visit: 30th of July 2018 Time of visit: 18:13
Author: John Looks: Performance:
Wow! Molly was perfect as was Adriana! A mind blowing meeting which surpassed all expectations! Thank you so much. Xx
Review Date: 25th of July 2018 Date of Visit: 21st of July 2018 Time of visit: 11:00
Author: Mr B Looks: Performance:
Wow! Beautiful both externally and internally. Thank you for making me so happy.
Review Date: 25th of July 2018 Date of Visit: 16th of July 2018 Time of visit: 13:30
Author: Lewis Looks: Performance:
Definitely one of the better Romanian girls on the London scene, she has a nice firm body and good attitude. My only gripe was that she was not as talkative as some of the other girls I’ve been with, however I cannot fault her and I will book her again.