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Review Date: 16th of February 2019 Date of Visit: 15th of February 2019 Time of visit: 13:30
Author: Mike Looks: Performance:
Nice girl pictures might be a year or so old ,dressed near enough as requested . This girl is a good punt every thing on the list is available she does it with a smile not a clock watcher and does make sure you Leave satisfied . 8 out of 10 for looks and body and a 9 for service. If you want to get service for your money you will not go wrong with his one. Recommend
Review Date: 1st of May 2017 Date of Visit: 1st of May 2017 Time of visit:
Author: charlie Looks: Performance:
Oh my! What can I say, Lolita was really something. Sexy and incredibly good in bed. You can tell she really loves her job.
Review Date: 25th of September 2016 Date of Visit: 25th of September 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Nima Looks: Performance:
I just met Lolita, and she is the best, she is really nice and kind and friendly and I was nervous when I walked in but she was sooo nice that I felt at ease straight away! I would really recommend her!!!! Defiantly!!!!!! ;)
Review Date: 11th of September 2016 Date of Visit: 7th of September 2016 Time of visit:
Author: BF Looks: Performance:
Very petite and slim with silky smooth skin. Nice clean flat with great facilities. Be 'gentlemen like' with her and she will make sure you leave with complete satisfaction.
Review Date: 20th of April 2016 Date of Visit: 19th of April 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Mr bombastic Looks: Performance:
Wow!!where do I start,this girl it's just amazing!!!nice firm and tight bum! I will come to see you again!!!
Review Date: 3rd of April 2016 Date of Visit: 1st of April 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Jj Looks: Performance:
Amazing girl with amazing face and body. I enjoyed my time with her!!Deffinetly we will see again!!
Review Date: 9th of March 2016 Date of Visit: 6th of March 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Stefan Looks: Performance:
Totally enjoyed my time- left with the sort of glow you get when you have met someone who is just really nice - no other way of saying it. A genuine lady who you can talk to. Good luck in the future. Highly Recommended
Review Date: 26th of April 2015 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Zach Looks: Performance:
Saw this lovely young lady at the end of a long week. Easy to find apartment. Was up for everything on the 'likes' list and definitely 'open minded'! Really put me at ease and managed to get a couple of rounds out of me - she pretty much insisted! Definitely worthy of a visit if you're feeling undecided.
Review Date: 2nd of December 2014 Date of Visit: 27th of November 2014 Time of visit:
Author: Sami Looks: Performance:
wow, exactly like her pics and extremely beautiful. you must visit her!