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Review Date: 8th of November 2018 Date of Visit: 11th of June 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: John Looks: Performance:
Charlotte was the best ever but don’t tell everyone otherwise she will be too booked up for me to see her x
Review Date: 3rd of June 2018 Date of Visit: 3rd of June 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Looks: Performance:
Waouh. I saw again Charlotte for the fourth time. What a moment. Fantastic, wonderful. She opened the door like requested in secretary with suspenders belt for black stockings. She has a very beautiful body. What can I say about GFE : incredible. Her lips are delicious and her breast, her legs... and her kisses invite you to the pleasure. With her I am in the paradise. Her skin is soft. I want to see her again and as soon as possible. Many thanks Charlotte. Damien
Review Date: 13th of May 2018 Date of Visit: 12th of May 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Rodney Looks: Performance:
Charlotte is smoking hot and wicked fun with a cheeky smile that equals a perfect girlfriend. She’s so nice, great to talk and give deep long kisses! And if you’re lucky enough to see Charlotte and Zuza together ... WOW! Top girls indeed
Review Date: 21st of December 2017 Date of Visit: 21st of December 2017 Time of visit:
Author: BobbingAround Looks: Performance:
My goodness me! I hadn't visited Charlotte for ages, and after today's performance it certainly won't be long before I'm back again, worshipping at the altar of her impossibly perfect body, her open-minded attitude to life, and her appreciation for intensive muff munching.
Review Date: 9th of December 2017 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Richie Looks: Performance:
This is the first time I met Charlotte and I was expecting a good experience since she had such uniformly good reviews However, I was not prepared for how wonderful a time I had Her personality is so perfect in so many ways that she weaves such a wonderful illusion of intimacy that I felt that I have known her for years With the level of comfort that only a true GFE could wrap around me she commenced to evolve into the most passionate vixen that I have ever known ******* was alternatinglt tender; passionate, wild, and mesmerizing After a short time I found myself melting as I simply stared into her eyes Then she ******* and body would awaken my passions once again Gentlemen, Charlotte is a special person that we should treat with great respect and maybe she will grace is with another visit and give us another chance to meet her Run Don't walk to meet her ...You will not regret meeting her... You will regret missing her .....Remember to treat her well <3
Review Date: 22nd of November 2017 Date of Visit: 20th of November 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Vanyalakar Looks: Performance:
Charlotte is spectacular! She has an insatiable appetite that manifests itself with total dominance and control over the discerning gentleman who allows himself to be swept away by her beauty and her wiles. She is truly a total body experience with the ability to mesmerize and captivate. She literally consumed me in every possible way from the moment I entered her room until the very last seconds of our visit together. She is bang on one of the very best and most voracious vixens I have ever met! Yet another grand slam home run from Top Secret for recommendation.
Review Date: 22nd of September 2017 Date of Visit: 21st of September 2017 Time of visit:
Author: TruthfulRufus Looks: Performance:
Charlotte is the real deal. Very pretty and a fantastic punt. Cannot recommend her enough.
Review Date: 4th of March 2017 Date of Visit: 24th of January 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Sam Looks: Performance:
I wanted a duo, so i ask to pair up Charlotte with any girl. After recommendation from receptionist i booked up with Charlotte's flat mate Klara. As girls opened the door, my heart went in to over drive. Details are restricted but i'll tell u guys " i was in heaven". I ejected more than 5 times all and all i had a great time. Thanx girls.
Review Date: 28th of February 2017 Date of Visit: 27th of February 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Magnus Looks: Performance:
Charlotte started the date just like a girlfriend with a generous amount of kissing and a really good sensual kisser she is. Then squatting down for some good oral. All this was her own initiatives from the start. She arrived early and wasted zero time. Then many positions as I wished performed with gusto. A with her on top sitting squatting down for as long as she could. Marvellous BJ/HJ skills. She is also a really nice girl/woman interesting to talk to. Overall good performance as expected from a top girl.
Review Date: 16th of November 2016 Date of Visit: 15th of November 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Bob Looks: Performance:
Fantastic hour with undoubtedly the most gorgeous young lady I've had the privilege to meet. Wow-what a treat , lucky me!
Review Date: 5th of November 2016 Date of Visit: 5th of November 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Dave Looks: Performance:
I had such an amazing time with her, definitely will be back for more. Charlotte is a stunning East european beauty with gorgeous body. She also got the most amazing eyes I have ever seen... Cannot wait to see you again xxx
Review Date: 5th of November 2016 Date of Visit: 4th of November 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Richard Looks: Performance:
Charlotte provides the pure GFE with all respects. Although her photos on the web look professional,the real her look innocent and I like it much better than the photos. She just treated me as if I were the real boyfriend of her. Her OWO was one of the best I have ever had! Amazing service, amazing girl. Thank you!
Review Date: 4th of November 2016 Date of Visit: 3rd of November 2016 Time of visit:
Author: S Looks: Performance:
A cool lady - elegant, pretty, fit, toned, gorgeous body, friendly, intelligent, nice. I had a great time. She was well up for it - brilliant kisser - enthusiastic performance - wild and rampant at times - fantastic and varied sexual athletics. We both took an absolute pounding, as did the bed!! Before this action I spent a lot of time giving her oral, to which she was very responsive - loved it! Great lady - I definitely recommend :)
Review Date: 15th of September 2016 Date of Visit: 15th of September 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Paul Looks: Performance:
Had a very good time with Charlotte. She's very open minded and relaxed girl. She fulfilled all my wild fantasies.Gorgeous girl who provides wonderful experience. Also very pretty, shapely hot body, friendly, versatile and genuine first class service.
Review Date: 29th of July 2016 Date of Visit: 29th of July 2016 Time of visit:
Author: walter Looks: Performance:
2nd time seeing the very pretty charlotte :))))) it was awesome :))))) just 1 hr but really really cool :))))) her body is amazing :)))))) also she has a very pretty face :)))))) I really love polish girls :)))))) haha she kisses so passionately :))))) and her oral skills are unbelievable :))))) fucking amazing how she sucks in a good way lol ;))))))) the sex was really really nice aswell haha :)))))) she is a super lovely girl with such a cool personality. I had a blast just like the first time seeing her :)))))) I so fucking definitely recommend this babe :))))) and I will cum again for sure ;)))))) lol
Review Date: 6th of July 2016 Date of Visit: 5th of July 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Colin Looks: Performance:
Put simply - this girls is stunning, everything you would want in a sexy horny girlfriend. I rarely visit a girl more than once, but from now on she is the only one for me. Don't miss her.
Review Date: 3rd of July 2016 Date of Visit: 3rd of July 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Bernardo Looks: Performance:
Charlotte Charlotte a stunning , beautiful, intelligent woman. with a body to die for. who knows how to please a man. the kind of girl that anyone would lose his head. see you soon dear.
Review Date: 30th of May 2016 Date of Visit: 27th of May 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Damien Looks: Performance:
I saw again Charlotte and what pleasure. Delightful, she received me in suspenders belt for black stockings, black bra black panty like requested. Her georgous body, she is friendly. She is always very cute, very GFE, and she practices DFK perfectly like a real lover. I don't talk of other détails. Just I was in paradise. I know I'll see her again and this time will be fast there. Damien
Review Date: 26th of May 2016 Date of Visit: 25th of May 2016 Time of visit:
Author: vincent Looks: Performance:
Charlotte is a Stunning girl, super looks, tight n'fit. Seen her before last year but, before I could do a review, and she's back, freash n' ready for action. super fit body, freshly shaved brizillian. CIM and OWO a delight!
Review Date: 29th of April 2016 Date of Visit: 28th of April 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Dan Looks: Performance:
I had a great time with her. Charlotte is incredible! She has a sexy body to die for, much prettier than on the photos! She knows how to get you excited!! Great personality, great kisser, it was difficult to leave her at the end. A definite recommendation !