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Review Date: 26th of February 2017 Date of Visit: 26th of February 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Refrus14 Looks: Performance:
Holy moley Britney was awesome tonight. Started with a great massage to relax us both, on to DATY, then bbbj, a-level on to k9 and finish in mish. CFS. Showered up and chatted for the remaining 10 mins. Not rushed at all. Sweet girl and will definite.y see her again. Maybe I'll bring my wife next time ;). Really happy with the experience and i appreciate the great dates like Brittany to help out with the monotony of work travel. She's a keeper and a credit to how this should work. Thanks B! Xoxo
Review Date: 10th of June 2016 Date of Visit: 10th of June 2016 Time of visit:
Author: walter Looks: Performance:
wow :)))) Britney is such a lovely girl :)))) very pretty and super cute :)))) really very sweet :)))) she looks very much like the pics :)))) in real she is 5ft 1 tho :)))) and weighs about as much as a feather haha :)))) her body is really very nice Ive never seen such large natural breasts on such a super petite girly :))))) she has such a nice fun loving personality we laughed so much :))))) she can be a bit bossy but in the sweetest most joking way imaginable :))))) maybe some guys don't understand this and get pissed off because off it :)))) fact is I had an awesome time with her :)))) the sex was brilliant :)))) yes her pussy is petite too ;))))) lol I will definitely see this cute little babe again and I'm glad I didn't let myself get scared off by some reviews probably written by arrogant assholes :)))) haha I definitely recommend her if you are nice to her she will be amazing to you :)))))
Review Date: 8th of April 2016 Date of Visit: 7th of April 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Andy Looks: Performance:
Where do I start. Looks nothing like her photos, she is about 5'3 and has all the personality of a plank of wood. No A level, no OWO, no fun and no personality. I left after 30 mins and I wished I'd just walked out at the start.
Review Date: 1st of February 2015 Date of Visit: 31st of January 2015 Time of visit:
Author: Peter Looks: Performance:
Very disappointing. I had agreed rim with the agency and Britney and she did not get anywhere near my arse. Also no DKF, without DFK the whole experience does not work for me. Surely DFK must be standard, not an option unless she finds you very attractive. Very little conversation except ‘’give me your milk baby’’ again this does not work for me. On the plus side she is very attractive and has great tits, a bit floppier than the pics but still great. Good blow job except she stopped sucking as soon as I came and did not get all the ‘milk’ out. I do not understand the good reviews she is not in the same league as Amanda, Lina, Lucia, Madlen, Amy, Layla or Abigail who I have had repeat fantastic times with. I will not be repeating. Peter
Review Date: 5th of November 2014 Date of Visit: 23rd of October 2014 Time of visit:
Author: Lee Smith Looks: Performance:
Amazing girl, really welcoming. True GFE, even let me put it in her arse, had to be gentle tho. See you again soon. X
Review Date: 25th of May 2014 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Jeff Looks: Performance:
Also Britney's apartment is beautiful. I have been to some places and it's quite off putting but her place is 10/10. Jeff
Review Date: 23rd of May 2014 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Jeff Looks: Performance:
I have seen quite a few quite girls from this agency and up to till I saw Britney today, Amanda was easily the best girl and thats a big understatement. Well Amanda has some competition now as this girl will make you wish you were a billionaire because two hours or even two days is not going to be enough. Do yourself a favour and go and see them, because mot of the others have some catching up to do. fyi I have yet to see Rafael, Evelyn, Diana and Abigail so until then, those girl have to be excluded from above. Jeff
Review Date: 26th of April 2014 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Mark Looks: Performance:
This babe knows how to take a hard pounding! Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with her. Especially loved watching those hot lips wrap around my rod! She was well worth every pound, in both senses of the word!
Review Date: 15th of April 2014 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Dan Looks: Performance:
When I think about what I look for in an escort: welcoming, beautiful, sense of humour, good conversationalist. intelligent friendly, empathy: Britney ticked every box and exceeded expectations. She was wonderful company and put me at my ease within minutes of arriving. I will never forget the delicious, slow, sensuous kisses she gave me on our meeting. One hour passed in a blur of pleasure. Her cute smile (not to mention her sexy body and sweet personality) are to die for. Every time she smiled at me I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I left the (clean and well kept) apartment a happier man than when I arrived. She is a naughty, classy gem.