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Review Date: 4th of January 2018 Date of Visit: 23rd of December 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Tony Looks: Performance:
I had the pleasure of booking Sophie as an early Christmas present to myself, and wow, did I make the right choice. There is the usual photoshopping involved with her photos but she is very pretty, extremely easy to be with and was incredibly eager and enthusiastic to make sure all my requests were fulfilled. Highly recommended.
Review Date: 6th of December 2017 Date of Visit: 3rd of December 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Nick Looks: Performance:
I am really glad and happy that I am the 1st one to give Sophia a review. She is a great girl, Set up a date with her and please spoil her. Wow, that is all I can say Just wow. This is my first time using Top Secret and my God it will not be the last!I set a Date with Sophia I was a bit nervous about what exactly to expect. In my head I pondered and pondered whether or not the lady that will be at my door 8:00pm this London Sunday night will be the lady I see in the pictures, or was my friend Johnson too much in control. What to expect, what to expect was all that I could think of until the moment I got a call telling me that she has arrived. I got up and opened up the door and my oh my she was a sight picture perfect. I was amazed about how lovely one person could be. She greeted me with a smile then a kiss as I allowed her into my home. She was wearing a beige studded Dress that showed off her tall silk like legs and her striking figure hypnotic and mesmerizing that radiated out of her tight dress. Sophias eyes are strikingly vibrant they held my attention throughout the time we spent together and I still think of them now. I held her soft hands and lead her to my living room were we got to know each other better as we went through a few refreshments. Eventually our conversation turned to the topic of Music and naturally it advanced to dancing. I lay on my seat as she moved her body in rhythm to the song I set to play in the back ground. She took her clothes off one at a time never breaking a beat to the music. She moved closer to me placing my head in between her breasts giving me a great view of her toned physique, after which she planted a deep DFK which I loved because I did not ask and she just took control and did it aggressively. After the dance I lead her to my bedroom to relieve the tension that we both built up. In our time in my room was SPECTACULAT I also enjoyed my time just chatting with Sophia since that is what we did till we were over time. She does not rush in fact I had to remind her of the time. I know for sure I will plan another Date and make sure I get things to spoil her because she is great. She gives a Great GFE Experience.