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Review Date: 22nd of May 2018 Date of Visit: 22nd of May 2018 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Pete Looks: Performance:
My second time with Scarlett. She has beauty, class, brains, oodles of talent and a body to die for. How would you train your muscles to do that?
Review Date: 2nd of December 2017 Date of Visit: 2nd of December 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Mac Looks: Performance:
`I wanna fly(high), fly(high)`. For me, it is destiny to meet Scarlett. I had a great time with her. She is very beautiful, her body is perfect. I like her services,she is so skillful. I like her waist, it feels so good. I like her smile, I like her lips... Because of Scarlett, today is a beautiful day. Sincerely hope I can see you again, in my life. God bless you. I adore you baby.
Review Date: 2nd of November 2017 Date of Visit: 1st of November 2017 Time of visit:
Author: AJ Looks: Performance:
What a beautiful and breathtaking lady full of high class , warm feelings,sensibility, passion and tenderness. Real gentleman with respect and heart may find with her the for filling of a life dream, I had impression and I know her quite for sometime from our previous meetings. Dream not your life but live your dream- with Scarlett. Wonderful and elegant Lady from East Europe. True passion and feelings want deep eternity and that only Gods Grace can give. But no one never knows what real love may achieve also on places , where you would not expect that. Also on Earth we may look to Heaven. For beautiful Scarlett A J
Review Date: 25th of October 2017 Date of Visit: 25th of October 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Mr Roca Looks: Performance:
I had the pleasure to meet this petite girl and fortunately for me im glad i chose her after so many tries because she is always busy. First of all the apartment was clean. Second she looks exactly like the pictures maybe even sweeter in real life. Third the way she took care of me and the way she provided the service i was stung. No wonder she is so wanted. I want to see her again please