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Review Date: 5th of November 2017 Date of Visit: 3rd of November 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Brian Mcwell Looks: Performance:
Every time I visit with Annaisa, I have the best possible TOP SECRET experience. Today was no exception, but it keeps on getting even better each time. She is incredibly beautiful, skilled and treats me like a man wants to be treated. Like her special BF. To me, Annaisa is my special GF.
Review Date: 25th of October 2017 Date of Visit: 23rd of October 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Jim Davies Looks: Performance:
Meet this French mademoiselle the other day and she has been nothing but fabulous to me. Considering that i am a senior in this game i have to say that Annaisa is flawless. I tried so hard to find a fault in her services but i could not. If i were a judge and this was the Oscars she would definitely win !