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Review Date: 13th of June 2017 Date of Visit: 13th of June 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Chris Looks: Performance:
Astonishingly good. I'm struggling to think of appropriate superlatives. Photoshopped? Are you having a laugh? Laura has literally zero body fat, she is petite, lean, fit and strong but still as damn sexy as hell. Very classy dresser, immaculately presented and stunning lingerie etc. If you want busty and buxom then she's not for you, but if you want petite, tight waist, washboard stomach, world class butt, then you won't find better. All requests were catered for and I had one of the best escort experiences I've ever had, and having been around the london scene for some 20 years, that's saying something. Laura is my new favourite, I highly recommend seeing her.
Review Date: 13th of June 2017 Date of Visit: 12th of June 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Magnus Looks: Performance:
During this date Laura said to me “I know what I’m doing”. I can testify that this is true! Laura is a good escort in all aspects. She is very easy going, charming and fun to be with. Good English skills and a healthy sense of humour. She has Latina looks, charm and charisma. Sexy flirty cat-like eyes that is enjoyable to look into. She is petite at 160 cm and 47 kg with a slim well-toned body. Nice small bum and perfect small boobs. Really sensitive nipples – she threatened me with balls torture if I squeezed them more than gentle! Pretty, tight and responsive pussy. Her skills are great, both oral and hand techniques clicked great with me. In sex she if engaged, lustful and happy. Overall she is a natural turn-on. Needed to say, I had a good date earlier today and a great long date the evening before, so we’re talkin’ balls half empty here. Even so, a nice turn-on happened like BOOM with this flirty charmer. Laura’s skills and sex appeal made my little friend feel thick, horny and, at the end, very happy. Nice mutual body massages to finalise this enjoyable date. Recommended.