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Review Date: 27th of February 2019 Date of Visit: 26th of February 2019 Time of visit: 21:00
Author: Happy Guy Looks: Performance:
Pink was on me from the moment I stepped through the door, welcoming, sexy, funny and, as I quickly discovered, very, very naughty! Some way into our date I realized I was hearing (and feeling) buzzing. But the toys weren't pointed her way, these were meant for me! This lovely lady clearly had plans for me tonight, and who am I to question a genius at work? How did she know that would drive me crazy? She said "I see it in your eyes"! Then, with a firm yank at the controls, I've suddenly been shifted up a gear. Pink is in control here and she is driving for the sheer joy of it. The toys are getting bigger, the buzzing is getting louder and I am being driven totally round the bend. It is wet and it is wild. I can't believe what she is doing and how hungry she is for it. This is not a drive any more, this is suddenly a launch countdown. Thank you Pink! You put me right up there into orbit. I hope you enjoy my little gift. See you next year.
Review Date: 17th of February 2019 Date of Visit: 16th of February 2019 Time of visit: 20:00
Author: Andrew Looks: Performance:
I was greeted at the door by this beautiful smiling face with a body of an angel. What a great way to start. Pink is far better looking in real life and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. What a way to spend some time on a Saturday night. She is first class .
Review Date: 13th of February 2019 Date of Visit: 13th of February 2019 Time of visit: 19:00
Author: J Looks: Performance:
I really enjoyed my visit with Pink. She made me feel at ease and welcome from the off. She looked stunning in her pink dress and I was a big fan of her funky hair cut. She’s a good kisser and she knows how to give and receive pleasure. She’s fun has a bit of a wild side too. A great experience overall
Review Date: 2nd of December 2017 Date of Visit: 1st of December 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Roco Looks: Performance:
Holy shit! She is slap your mama good! If you sleep on Pink you are doing yourself a disservice. Made me feel like we had always known each other. Will definitely recommend and repeat and for multiple hours ended up staying overnight. She knew exactly what I wanted without saying a word. Holy fuck what a fucking hard party girl she is !!! If you want to party this is the best escort you will find . TRUST ME
Review Date: 25th of October 2017 Date of Visit: 24th of October 2017 Time of visit:
Author: French frog Looks: Performance:
As soon as you pass the door you know you are gonna have a good time... And one of the best bj i ever had. Thanks pink
Review Date: 17th of October 2017 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Don't need to know Looks: Performance:
I usually don't leave review,but she has insisted after our 2nd meeting (so I did). Pictures are accurate, don't show how nice she is, how welcoming she is, and how she makes you comfortable. Make her best to keep you longer and to make you come back ;-). I saw her twice for 2 hours, well done to her :-).... I will not talk about her performance. Seeing her, 2 days in the row for 2 hours, there are no explanations to give..... Take care of yourself and, probably see you another time.
Review Date: 23rd of August 2017 Date of Visit: 22nd of August 2017 Time of visit:
Author: BobbingAround Looks: Performance:
Pink is a perfectly formed petite pocket rocket. Highly enthusiastic and very accommodating!
Review Date: 1st of August 2017 Date of Visit: 29th of July 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Val Looks: Performance:
Pink is simply the best. End of discussion.
Review Date: 18th of June 2017 Date of Visit: 8th of June 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Andy Looks: Performance:
Pink (Alla) is a great girl with a petit hot body, great tits and a cheeky face. Latest photos are far better than the original ones and yes, she does look that hot in the pink dress. Ive seen her twice and she hasnt dissapponted - sensual and passionate and just a little bit dirty. I *will* be back !
Review Date: 12th of June 2017 Date of Visit: 11th of June 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Tony Looks: Performance:
Pink is very hot. Prettier than the pictures in real live. Can't wait to see her again.