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Review Date: 4th of July 2018 Date of Visit: 3rd of July 2018 Time of visit: 22:00
Author: Ronnie Looks: Performance:
Second night in a row with Bella. She is perfect. Stunning looking, can hold an interesting conversation and amazing in bed - she enjoyed it as much as me.
Review Date: 3rd of July 2018 Date of Visit: 2nd of July 2018 Time of visit: 22:00
Author: Ronnie Looks: Performance:
Bella is amazing. Beautiful, interesting and so very sensual.
Review Date: 8th of February 2018 Date of Visit: 6th of February 2018 Time of visit: 22:45
Author: Neil Looks: Performance:
The hour spent with Bella was great. She has model looks with a great slim frame. She puts you at ease and makes you very comfortable. When she takes her clothes off, she shakes her ass which makes you so horny. Her ass is one of the greatest I have seen and she certainly know how to move it. The movement of her hips during sex was awesome and I mean awesome. Oh my gosh, it was an hour of pleasure and one I hope to repeat. Thanks again
Review Date: 25th of October 2017 Date of Visit: 23rd of October 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Ignatio Lembreze Looks: Performance:
Ciao Bellaaaaaaaaaaa. I always dreamed of having an affair with an Italian girl. That dream came true when i met this tall beautiful Italian Goddess. I told her to talk dirty to me in Italian while we were busy and i uhh what a feeling. I felt like i was in a backstage on a runway fashion designers show or something. Only 20 years old but full of life. mi piace come mi fai sentireee <3
Review Date: 5th of August 2017 Date of Visit: 5th of August 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Andy Looks: Performance:
I don't believe in love at first sight. However, two hours would appear to be sufficient. Looks like an angel, does other things like a demon. What a lovely, fun girl. Thanks, B x