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Review Date: 14th of March 2018 Date of Visit: 13th of March 2018 Time of visit: 19:30
Author: Ahmet Looks: Performance:
Very attractive. great personality. Great time whit beautiful and amazing girl. Thank you very much Carla.
Review Date: 14th of March 2018 Date of Visit: 13th of March 2018 Time of visit: 19:30
Author: Ahmet Looks: Performance:
Top girl. Very attractive. great personality, warm and best GF***** you can ever have.Amazing body.beautiful smile and sexy. Thank you very much Carla. I shall be back.
Review Date: 11th of March 2018 Date of Visit: 10th of March 2018 Time of visit: 10:00
Author: Peter Looks: Performance:
Beautiful girl, friendly, accomodating and happy to please. Great service, felt very relaxed, not rushed. Highly recommended.
Review Date: 17th of February 2018 Date of Visit: 16th of February 2018 Time of visit: 01:00
Author: JeffK Looks: Performance:
Carla is a lovely girl - petite, blond and amazing body and looks fabulous in her lingerie. She took my dick willingly enough, but her small frame meant her pussy wasn't very big, so sadly her size was definitely an issue, Basically I was too big for her in both pussy and ass, lovely as it was. Also there was no OWO, FK, DFK, DATY despite what the website says, and she seemed very preoccupied with her phone which I always find off-putting. She also has this thing where she likes looking at the action in the mirror whether that's being fucked hard or giving BJ. Still it didn't really detract too much from the sensations! I banged her for a good 40 mins after which she complained she was completely spent of energy and couldn't do any more. I showered and left early. I had hoped that she would have offered to make up the full hour with a massage but that wasn't on the cards. Plus because I was too big for her in the ass and she had to stop after just a couple of minutes, she still insisted on being paid for that. I guess one could argue I did have my dick up her ass, but it wasn't there for very long (sadly), so the sensation was very limited to say the least. I did have a happy ending, but felt it could have been so much more (and I was ready for round2) . After reading the other reviews I think my expectations were way too high. She complained about the sensitivity of her tits, and did not like me touching her face, so all in all it was not the passionate fuckfest I had been led to expect or believe. A lovely sexy girl but disappointing appointment given the above. This punter at least won't be returning. I think I have been spoiled by the likes of Caroline and Amanda who set the bar extremely high and, it seems, cannot be rivaled.
Review Date: 6th of February 2018 Date of Visit: 6th of February 2018 Time of visit: 00:15
Author: Ben Looks: Performance:
Very nice lady,cute,pretty had good time with her,belive me,her sex it way better . Nice gfe , Amazing women , nice and she have a nice body more better the pictures I recommend girl . The most beautiful Escort on wbebsite .love you Carla
Review Date: 23rd of January 2018 Date of Visit: 23rd of January 2018 Time of visit:
Author: Paul Looks: Performance:
Beautiful petite girl with the nicest boobs I've seen in ages! Gram eat, friendly personality!
Review Date: 31st of May 2017 Date of Visit: 29th of May 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Magnus Looks: Performance:
A super-petite charmer! Carla arrived early to my top floor suite happy and delightful. She is very polite, attentive, has good professional manners and okay English skills. I had to look a couple of extra times to check out her curvy hips and bum! The most striking physical feature, however, is her size: this little lady stands 150 cm and she has the weight little more than air. She must be the shortest of all escorts and is really petite. I find this charming! Her performance was great taking lots of initiative and she has good skills and movements. She is really service minded and made strong efforts to handle plenty of action in many positions. Her pretty bum in reversed cow-girl was a sight! Not possible though to push this girl deep and heavy. This is a mere size issue – not only her height is short, this is to be noted. Her attitude and willingness is great though and she impressed me. She’s a trooper in bed! Towards the end of appointment she gave a very nice and cif. I’m happy with Carla and glad to recommend her, especially if you are attracted to petite girls.
Review Date: 24th of May 2017 Date of Visit: 24th of May 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Alex Looks: Performance:
First comment is pretty cliche. Carla actually looks better than these photos. I was not fully in the mood when I arrived but she was so eager to please, it was a very nice change from those girls who are mechanic and uninterested. She's quite small but has nice sized tits and a healthy bum.