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Review Date: 31st of July 2017 Date of Visit: 31st of July 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Magnus Looks: Performance:
Amazingly sweet, pretty and young looking girl. When Rebecca arrives my hotel suite is lit up by her smile and plenty of delightful girlie laughter. So sweet, friendly and with such attractive girlie charm. I almost fell in love within a few minutes! Then time for action. Rebecca has a gorgeous body all over, silk smooth and sweet tasting. She was intimidated by my little friend and asked for gentle action. It turns out that little care was needed and she takes full action with a smile! In fact, I needed to stop action myself when I developed a bleeding friction burn on the soft bed sheets. This would indicate something about the action. A super-pretty innocent behaved young lady that takes serious action and is very happy and smiling throughout the date. Am I impressed? You damn right!!! Planned next date with Rebecca already. Favourite material for me this girl is. Jeeeesus, I feel happy today!