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Review Date: 5th of April 2017 Date of Visit: 5th of April 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Dexter Looks: Performance:
Roberta is an incredible woman!!! Friendly,funny & soooooo sooo sexy! Gosh what more do I want to say, there's too many compliments I could shower Roberta with! Stunning is a huge thing to say, she is beautiful, even more than her pictures and her moves ;) to b polite are the best I've ever experienced! xxxxxx
Review Date: 28th of September 2016 Date of Visit: 25th of September 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Alen Looks: Performance:
I've halfway inclined not to leave this review, because I want to keep her all to myself! She's the kind of woman that I've dreamt about but never quite been fortunate enough to meet - beautiful, accepting, exciting and oh so sexy. Take care of her boys, because you know she'll take care of you, and it's more than you deserve.
Review Date: 27th of September 2016 Date of Visit: 8th of September 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Pablo Looks: Performance:
this girl is the best service ever in history , wow what a woman and very friendly! And if Roberta is looking for a husband i want to be him, she really blew my mind and i will be a regular visiter to her!!!!!!
Review Date: 24th of September 2016 Date of Visit: 20th of September 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Issack Looks: Performance:
Roberta is very friendly and what a smile, She made me feel comfortable from the moment i got in and the GF experience was exactly what i wanted, Tender and soft in many ways, highly recommend thanks!
Review Date: 30th of August 2016 Date of Visit: 30th of August 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Rob Looks: Performance:
Wow and wow! Roberta's pictures don't do her justice as she is way more gorgeous, young and nubile. An incredible fit and young body. She is funny, cute, sexy and delicious. You can't get enough of this vixen and she has such a sweet and erotic way with her. Sparing the details, I can't believe she doesn't have any reviews. I'd like to keep her all for myself as well but she deserves the accolade. A very, very, refreshing punt and one to be repeated!