Age : 21
Height : 5’5
Bust Size : 34C
Dress Size : 10
Hair Color : Blonde
Nationality : Polish
Language : English
Orientation  : Bi-sexual
Location : Marylebone
Post code : NW1
Availability : from 11am till late
Review Date: Thursday 19th January 2017 Date of Visit: 01/19/2017
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
4th time seeing the very sweet and nice and cute cookie :)))) 2 hours :)) it was nice to see her again after quite a while :)))) sadly I was feeling quite tired today after not getting enough sleep fuck sake :(( so wasn't great I mean yeah the sex first round was good but nothing compared to when I'm in a normal state lol in duration ;)))) this is most definitely not her fault though :)))) I even had planned a level today since last time I saw her we did that and it was really great with her :))))) no fuckin chance today though for that to have worked :(( lol what I really have to say is that cookies oral skills are amazing she is like the master at deepthroat oral :)))))) haha I finished both times in her mouth first round after the sex :))))) second round well there wasn't sex lol just bj haha :)) never mind I'm sure next time I see her whenever that may be in the future I will be again fantastic ;)))) I definitely recommend her she is a really good girl :))))) and I wish her so definitely all the best with her other plans :)))) who knows maybe she will be a star one day :)))) lol I mean with her other plans outside this work if you are intrigued by what this may be go and see her lol ;)))))
Review Date: Sunday 15th January 2017 Date of Visit: 01/15/2017
Author: Ethan Looks: ( 9 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 9 out of 10 )
Cookie is as pretty as the picture(s), but the big pluses are 1) that she is a genuinely lovely girl. Kind of girl who could comfortably be my girlfriend (in my dreams :) (assuming I was 20 years younger). Charming, open etc. 2) seriously hot and totally open in bed. After doing everything I wanted with her for 30 mins or so, she said that she was feeling thirsty now. You can guess what happened next... (or of you can't go see her, you have 10 days)
Review Date: Monday 29th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/29/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
3rd time seeing this cute but very naughty cookie ;))))) a lovely 2 hours this time :)))))) with a level ;)))))) such great sex again :))))))) she is a total bomb in bed no joke ;)))))))) a level was bit difficult at start coz I'm not small and she is lol :)))))) but when it worked it was really nice haha ;)))))))) I so definitely recommend cookie coz in bed she is one of the best girls ive ever had in :))))))) haha I will most likely see her again too ;))))))))
Review Date: Friday 19th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/19/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
2nd time seeing this awesome beautiful sexy cookie :))))))) what an intense hour omfg :)))))) her energy is so amazing :))))))) mine too lol ;))))))) haha whats so cool with her is she lets me use it she loves getting fucked hardcore style :)))))))) and the man to be in control it turns her on so much ;))))))) appart from sexual stuff which she is fucking brilliant at :))))))) haha she has such a wonderful fun and sweet personality :))))))) girls like her is what I truly like super horny but also super sweet and all around lovely :)))))))) polish girls are nr 1 for me the vast majority are either good or super awesome or like cookie and my favourite 3 lil escort babes :)))))))))) visit this cookie she is the only cookie where u will burn calories rather than consume them hahaha ;))))))))) visit her I cant imagine someone not liking her :)))))))) she is good at everything be it hardcore sex action ;))))))) lol or just sweet gentle romantic time for those who want that kinda stuff haha ;)))))) lol the only thing you wont get from her is an arrogant bitch but who wants that exactly nobody haha :)))))))) I will so definitely see her again before she leaves :)))))) id love to say she will be a new fave of mine which she would have most likely definitely become but she is only around for a short time :((((( anyways I cant wait for next time seeing ;))))))) the cookie babe and I wish you guys fun who see her too :))))))
Review Date: Thursday 18th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/18/2016
Author: Sunil Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Unforgettable moments with Cookie..seems I fell in love with her...the candel lights inside her room..her body aroma..her attitude..her performance...her blow job...fragrance of her wet..her dripping panty.....perfect secy gfe...a must have for me. 20 out of 10
Review Date: Tuesday 16th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/15/2016
Author: Sunil Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
She deserves 15 out of 10.... You simply can't demand more than she provides...intense sex...intense foreplay....everything is top notch quality....perfect GFE experience...she leave me fully satisfied.... fuckingly satisfaction...
Review Date: Tuesday 16th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/15/2016
Author: Sunil Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Reached her flat late evening...she opened the door with the red dress in which she has few pixes in this website..guys u can imagin how fuckingly sexy she was looklookinin the red dress..she welcome me with lovely smile n sexy looks..asked me for some drink....she has a neat n cosy flat as well...decorated with aromatic candels inside the room..the room's ambience seems perfect for the felt like she has done all such preparation s for me....we keep on kissing ..infact smoching for quite sometime standing in the room...then we keep on smoching n move to her long sofa...gradually I move to her mellons...jucy succulent boobs..with nice tits....gradually I put hands under her dress n massage her pussy over her red thong..then keep the thong aside n put my one finger inside..ohh God...she is so tight n at the sametime so wet...never expected this from an esscort...then we tried 69...she gave me a nice bj...her pussy was so tasty n sexy smelling...then she put on a condom n we fucked in standing position..doggy n spoon position on bed..then missionary..n then she ride me coming on top....the sexy was so intence that I can't imagin....perfect GFE experience....perfect nice behaviour....finaly took a shower n we have a chat for 5 minutes...settled the bill n departed.though not willing to depart...she wave me bye with smoch again near her door..this is the best experience ever n hope it will be my best sexperience infact...will visit her many more time till she remain in part is she never say no to anything....luv u cookie..honey..c u again
Review Date: Monday 15th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/14/2016
Author: Raj Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Smoking hot and very sexy. Possibly the best r!mjob I have had from an escort. Funny, sexy, intelligent and lovely girl. I'm on a serious;y good roll with girls from this agency and long may that continue...

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