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Review Date: 2nd of April 2018 Date of Visit: 2nd of April 2018 Time of visit: 11:45
Author: Aj Looks: Performance:
Amazing petite woman with a fantastic body and very good job. Worth it to be nice with her and worth every money!!!thanks for a good time babe ;)
Review Date: 30th of July 2016 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Joe Looks: Performance:
Jessie looks just like her photos, beautiful, slim, sexy and she has a great sense of humour and playfulness. Extremely 'good' Kisser and Oral skills. I went down on her too and she clamped my head firmly between her legs and gripped the back of my head constantly giving me feedback on what felt 'good', which was 'good'. It wasn't all 'good' though, she is a smoker and I could taste it very strongly on her pussy and it got too much after a couple of minutes and had to stop. Other than the unpleasant taste in my mouth, really fun enjoyable experience with a really great girl. Had a 'good' time! (She's new and she might ask you if "It's 'good'?" a lot!!! :) )