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Review Date: 10th of April 2017 Date of Visit: 10th of April 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Fred Looks: Performance:
Really beautiful young girl with an incredible figure. Services were good and she made sure I was comfortable and satisfied.
Review Date: 31st of March 2017 Date of Visit: 31st of March 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Walter Looks: Performance:
Ok first off I'm going to say Gina is really a pretty girl :))) very cute face and she has a nice body :))) sadly I didn't enjoy my time with her though :(((( she is very boring in my opinion :((( i have to say I feel insulted by her just because she is boring and her bj with condom to start with was crap and I didn't get immediately hard like a light switch she asked me if I used cocaine before I came to her unbelievable!!!!!!! Then she did owo reluctantly but it worked I got nice and hard ok I thought bout something else than her so that's why then sex did feel good but after about 10 minutes she sayd she can't take it any more. And she would like to give me handjob. I dunno I have to say I'm disappointed and she a top girl Hahaha laughable. And I'm the next pope by the way. Lol. Such a shit end to a great week for me after my other 2 bookings this week where amazing and even more than amazing. Lucia Monday :)))))))))) Amanda yesterday :)))))))))))))))))) As for today Gina :((((((. I won't be back. And I don't recommend this girl unless you really only want to enjoy the fake friendly company of a young and pretty girl then well go for it. Ps don't book early will piss her off 12pm I went she say why so early I only sleep 4 hours. sorry clearly my fault !!!!
Review Date: 27th of February 2017 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: Magnus Looks: Performance:
Unbelievably pretty face and a petite 49kg of gorgeous young firm curves. A calm, sweet and friendly girl she is. Good skills, takes instructions well and is service minded. A bit restricted kissing and moderate level of passion. If you are looking for a date with a really beautiful teen girl for a gentle calm experience, then this one is definitely recommended. This one, however, is not a choice for any larger hard chargers since Gina needs softer action and she is small. A? No way. She is a “normal” girl concerning sexual drive (not an incurable nymphomaniac like some others . . . . ). Even so, I was a bit impressed over the strong efforts – at the best of her ability – she made to allow the experience go to its finish. Jeeeesus how hard it was to only go easy with this gorgeous girl. Only bed talk after half time, she had put in strong enough effort already. Not possible to have a high intensity longer session with this girl so the quick finish alternative had to be applied. Overall I’m happy with Gina, I had a good satisfying hour with her. Again, recommended for a gentler experience. She is really so petite and gorgeous.