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Review Date: 24th of April 2017 Date of Visit: 24th of April 2017 Time of visit:
Author: Tim Looks: Performance:
Delightfully pretty girl with an insanely sexy figure and a friendly attitude. Not too sweet to get down and dirty though (if you know what I mean). Will for sure be booking again.
Review Date: 27th of November 2016 Date of Visit: 25th of November 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Andy Looks: Performance:
Exactly as she appears here - photos are recent and undoctored. Had a great time with Reina - she's both sweet and rude (sexy rude, not impolite rude!). Can you think of a better combination?
Review Date: 16th of May 2016 Date of Visit: 16th of May 2016 Time of visit:
Author: Anonim Looks: Performance:
Reina was a great choice!! I enjoyed my time with her. I highly recommend her!! Thank you