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Review Date: 26th of February 2019 Date of Visit: 23rd of February 2019 Time of visit: 00:00
Author: Looks: Performance:
Adelie is a very good-looking woman with an absolutely fantastic pair. Fun in the bedroom and charming in conversation.
Review Date: 2nd of December 2017 Date of Visit: Time of visit:
Author: BoySlash Looks: Performance:
What can I say that hasn't already been said about this magnificent young woman! She is perfect in virtually every way. Stunning Beauty! Awesome Skills! Wonderful Personality! Exceptionally Nice! Perfect Body! It was exactly like spending two hours with a Victoria Secret model (or at least what I would hope it would be like). If Adelie had 2 more inches of height the girl would be famous on the runways all across the world. I have seen her four times and every time is incredible simply incredible!!! She will not let me leave without serving me the best ever service. Adelie is and will always be my true GFE.