Age : 25
Height : 5’6
Dress Size : 8
Bust Size : 34C
Nationality : Polish
Hair Color : Blonde
Figure : Very Sexy
Incall : Paddington W2
Availability : From 12pm till 12am
Review Date: Monday 15th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/04/2016
Author: Jeff Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Today is my 100th visit to the quite amazing Caroline - I have been seeing this beautiful, sexy nymph for 4 years now, and every time it feels like its so incredibly special. Caroline is up there among the best of the best in London. She doesn't do A+ (and won't, so don't ask) but everything else she does is, well, just sheer magic ! And she makes you feel like you are a king. She's passionate, loving, caring, kind, and so damn hot !! Her pusssy will swallow your dick like a long lost friend and she just loves sex. She'll genuinely come mulitple times and I can have her cumming within 3 minutes of seeing her !! But she'll exhaust you too. You'll have to have a lot of energy and stamina to keep this one satisified but if you think you can keep up, go for it. For passionate no holds barred sex she's your girl ! Definitely not for the faint hearted !
Review Date: Friday 5th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/03/2016
Author: jdt Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
This was my second visit to see Caroline and words cannot describe how fantastic she is. Stunning looks, fantastic body, great fun to be with and mind-blowing skills. She kept me going full-on for 90 mins -- a real GFE/PSE all rolled into one awesome package. All the amazing memories of her visit will be replaying in my head and making me smile big time until the next visit which can't come soon enough. Real fantasy stuff! Do yourself a favour and book as long as you can get. You won't regret it.
Review Date: Friday 8th July 2016 Date of Visit: 07/08/2016
Author: Max Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
I have just spent an incredible hour with Zuza and Caroline (duo). Zuza greeted me with a beautiful open mouth deep kiss while we were in the hallway. Caroline followed suit in the bedroom. They really are two remarkable, beautiful and gorgeous women. They brought my fantasies to life, totally destroyed my sexual inhibitions, and gave me the most wondrous hour of my life. There was even a surprise bonus at the end. When I regain my energy and stamina I will definitely go again for more of the same. Absolutely recommend. Don't dream it…be it.
Review Date: Monday 27th June 2016 Date of Visit: 06/27/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
11th time with the unbelievably super super cute caroline babe :))))))) a lovely 2 hours it was ;)))))) she just came back from her holiday she was horny very lol :)))))) me too haha ;)))))) it was one of the best fucks ever :))))))) on any day caroline is good but today she was really phenomenal :)))) I was on it aswell haha we fucked softcore to hardcore to insane core ;)))))))) several cool positions :)))))) she is so small and light for me I can move her about so easily :)))))) she is so so definitely one of my top top favourite girls :))))) I will so definitely see her many more times :))))))) if u haven't already then u should really see her and if u have already then see her again haha :)))))))
Review Date: Friday 17th June 2016 Date of Visit: 06/17/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
my 10th time seeing the super cute little caroline babe :)))))) like always it was so so awesome with her :)))))this girl is beyond lovely :))))) and always very very horny :))))) I had to go a bit less hardcore today sadly because of the disaster from Monday with that other girl which name I don't wanna mention coz not worth mentioning ;)) haha. was still bit sore from that :( the more gentle sex was still very very nice tho :))) also her oral at the end was brilliant :)))) huge cim ;))) lol she is such an awesome girl and also such a brilliant escort :)))) I so so so fucking definitely recommend you try her because I'm sure you will have an amazing time :))))) I am so definitely seeing her again :)))) here is to the next 10 times:))))cheers :))))
Review Date: Monday 30th May 2016 Date of Visit: 05/30/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
9th time seeing the beautiful sweet little caroline :)))) this time a fun duo with zuza :))) these girls are really good together because you can see they like each other :)))) they interact very well with each other ;))) I will definitely see these lovely girls again both in duo and individually :)))) I really like both a lot and I so definitely recommend you see them :)))))
Review Date: Wednesday 25th May 2016 Date of Visit: 05/25/2016
Author: nick Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Duo with Zuza. However good you think this would be it was better !!! Scissored together moaning loudly while their pussies rubbed together with their heads backwards over the bed and going to each end for DT , it was better.....................! And that was the first five minutes.................!
Review Date: Monday 23rd May 2016 Date of Visit: 05/23/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
8th time seeing the super cute and beautiful little caroline :)))) this time an amazing 2 hours haha :))))) we fucked like crazy ;))))) there are not many girls in the world that are as good in bed as her :))))) or guys as good as me ;)))) lol it was so unbelievably awesome I really like this sweet little girl a lot :))))) she is one of my top favourites :)))) I'm really looking forward to seeing the little babe again :)))))))

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