Age : 23
Height : 5’9
Bust Size : 34C
Dress Size : 6-8
Hair Color : Brunette
Nationality : Polish
Language : English
Orientation  : Bi-sexual
Location : Paddington
Post code : W2
Availability : from 12pm till late
Review Date: Friday 21st October 2016 Date of Visit: 10/20/2016
Author: Paul Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Tall and beautiful, absolutely stunning. Extremely naughty, deep and slow OWO followed by CIM. A level on round two, she really enjoyed it. Will be back.
Review Date: Saturday 15th October 2016 Date of Visit: 10/15/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
6th time seeing the so super beautiful zuza :))))))))) she has such a pretty face exactly like the pics :))))))))) a really nice hour today with her ;))))))) good sex especially when I was on top ;))))))) lol I really like zuza coz she is not just that beautiful on the outside :)))))))) but on the inside aswell :))))))))) she is also always a lot of fun to be with :)))))))) she is one of my favourite escorts :))))))))) in the top 5 id say ;)))))))) if you wanna see an escort zuza is definitely a very good choice :))))))) haha you will have fun ;))))))) and I will have fun with her again when I see her next time lol :)))))))))
Review Date: Thursday 29th September 2016 Date of Visit: 09/29/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
5th time visiting the absolutely super beautiful zuza babe :))))))))) a really lovely hour :))))))) the sex was really nice I had good energy today I hope wasn't too much for her lol ;))))))) her pussy felt wonderful haha :))))))))) zuza is such a super lovely girl and just a bit crazy haha :))))))))) I have to say I love that crazy side to her though ;))))))))) she is one of my favourite escorts for sure :))))))))) in my top 5 ;)))))))) I will so fucking definitely see her again u can bet ur ass on that :))))))))) and I so definitely recommend you see her but please be nice to her guys she is genuinely a super nice girl and she deserves to be treated very well :)))))))))
Review Date: Tuesday 27th September 2016 Date of Visit: 09/27/2016
Author: Richard Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Zuza is a lovely, beautiful and intelligent person! Absolutely beautiful in every way, perfect figure, dreamy eyes and she cares! Listen to her, respect her and she will show you a great time. I will not forget her and hope to see her again one day.
Review Date: Saturday 27th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/26/2016
Author: Joe Looks: ( 9 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 9 out of 10 )
See the black lacy body stocking in the photos, that's what she wore for me. When I came out of the shower she stood gyrating her magnificent body at me as I walked around her and exchanging a lot of very lustful talk about what we were about to do together. I started smacking her arse and rubbing my fully erect 7 inches between the cheeks of her delightful bottom. Then I go to work on her pussy rubbibg her clit through the black material. She's twisting and gasping hot to be fucked. Onto the bed, with Zuza kneeling sticking her arse at me and telling me to fuck her. I release the two poppers in the gusset of her body stocking and expose the most delicious cunt. I lick her thoroughly and she graoans and moans and then screams with the pleasure and intensity of it. Then the fucking starts. On her back, three of those little heart shaped pillows lifting her pussy up for me to fuck. Start slowly and build up until until she is yelling and coming all over the place. I go after her in a blur, screwing her as hard and as fast as I can, shouting obscenities, spanking her, grabbing her shoulders as I doggy her driving my cock as hard as can manage into her writhing body. After about 30 mins of this treatment Zuza calls a halt and professes herself to be fuck out. Just as well as the sweat was dripping off me and I was wasted, collapsing on the bed, panting like a granpus. Photos a bit 'shopped' as usual but she's a gorgeous looking girl and she seems to have just one pace during sex and that is fast and furious. Go get her boys....................
Review Date: Thursday 25th August 2016 Date of Visit: 08/25/2016
Author: Matty Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
Absolutely top class service...I am by no means a regular at this game but an hour with Zuza was everything I could have wanted. Horny and naughty at the right times, sweet and gentle when it was needed. Am floating back to real life a happy man.
Review Date: Friday 8th July 2016 Date of Visit: 07/08/2016
Author: Max Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
I have just spent an incredible hour with Zuza and Caroline (duo). Zuza greeted me with a beautiful, open mouth, deep kiss while we were in the hallway. Caroline followed suit in the bedroom. They really are two remarkable, beautiful and gorgeous women. They brought my fantasies to life, totally destroyed my sexual inhibitions, and gave me the most wondrous hour of my life. There was even a surprise bonus at the end. When I regain my energy and stamina I will definitely go again for more of the same. Absolutely recommend. Don't dream it…be it.
Review Date: Monday 30th May 2016 Date of Visit: 05/30/2016
Author: walter Looks: ( 10 out of 10 ) Performance: ( 10 out of 10 )
4th time seeing the beautiful tall zuza :)))) this time a fun duo with caroline :))) these girls are really good together because you can see they like each other :)))) they interact very well with each other ;))) I will definitely see these lovely girls again both in duo and individually :)))) I really like both a lot and I so definitely recommend you see them :)))))

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