Obviously if you’re looking for Bayswater escorts, we’re one of the top agencies in London for that! At Top Secret Escorts we have a very good choice, even at this time of year! But we’re not just about promoting our professional companions, we also like to give you a little insight into Bayswater life.

There’s a lot to do in the Bayswater area, but you may need a little guidance if you’ve never been before, or are otherwise unfamiliar. It’s actually quite relevant to have an article one this subject on an escort website. Some people are always looking for a place to go whilst they’re waiting for their booking. It’s never nice arriving in a particular part of London early and not knowing where to go or what to do.

Coffee and snacks

Granier is a nice, not overly priced café come diner in Bayswater. It’s odd actually, they set it out like a diner, right down to the tissue dispensers on the booth-like tables, yet it’s all freshly baked pastries and run by Europeans! The coffee is good however, and we would strongly recommend the deep filled apple pie (just one slice is enough believe us!)


We favour the pubs in this area, above all others. Bayswater doesn’t really seem to be a place where the trendy cocktail bars tend to pop up anyway, it’s residents don’t the seem the type. There are a lot of Asian and European cultures in Bayswater and the bar and restaurant scene reflect this greatly. The pubs are where you’ll find more of the English people in Bayswater. There’s one just down the road from the station called The Bayswater Arms, and another called The Prince Alfred that we’re quite fond of.


If you’ve arrived in the area at lunchtime and you’re a little peckish, there are plenty of places to eat. You really should make sure you have enough energy for your Bayswater escort! If you’ve only really got enough cash in your pocket for your chosen girl, there’s always the cheaper spots to grab a bite: McDonald’s etc. Not great, but it fills a gap and gives you a little energy! But if you have a few extra quid and you want to sit somewhere that’s relatively comfortable you could go to one of the great authentic, ethnic restaurants on the main road just outside Bayswater station: Noodle Ooodle, hand pulled noodle specialist, or Four Seasons, Cantonese restaurant.


We’re talking about dinner alone and also dinner with one of our Bayswater escorts if you like. They all love to dine out in the area. Firstly it’s not far for them to go, and secondly, they can always invite you back to their place afterwards! Now the one we’re going to recommend here is actually nearer Queensway Station, but its not exactly a long walk; you’ll know what we’re talking about if you’re from around here or visited before. It’s called the Royal China restaurant, and you really need to try their Dim Sum!

So there you have it! A nice little article about what you can do in Bayswater/Queensway when you’re waiting for your Bayswater escorts!