escorts LondonWe are certain that your wife or girlfriend has “girly days” in London. Even if you don’t have a partner currently, you will be aware of the phenomenon. Well, why not have yourself a “Man Day”? And whilst you’re at it, book yourself one of the best escorts London can provide!

You don’t have to book an escort of course, but if you’re going to have a day dedicated totally to yourself, you may as well. Besides, you’re here on an escort website, so you’ll forgive us for jumping to that conclusion. We are certain that you won’t need our help twisting your arm to book one of the best escorts London has on offer!

What else can you do?

But that’s not the focus for our article today. We’re going to look at what else you can do that’s geared towards men. Here’s a little list of a few places we thought you might be interested in. And these are places that we don’t think your wife or partner would be keen to go to with you. Have a blokey day!

  • A day at the dogs – It’s a little out of the city, but Romford Greyhound track is a very quintessential “Guy thing” to do if you’ve got time. You can get to Romford quite quickly from Liverpool Street Station.
  • Visit the Imperial War Museum – Another thing that your wife probably wouldn’t be interested in. It’s open every day until 18.00 and it’s very interesting indeed. A must see for war memorabilia fans and history buffs.
  • Visit Platinum Lace London – If you’re in Central London and you appreciate the female form, go to Platinum Lace strip club. It’s a classy one, don’t worry. Not a pound in the pot joint like you get down Shoreditch! Don’t forget that you can have a better time one to one with a London escort!
  • Salt Whisky Bar and Dining Room – A great place for some quality whisky and it’s also got a nice Indian food menu too.
  • Gaucho – They have branches of this famous steak restaurant all over London, but take a look at the one in Sloane Avenue. This is because it’s close to Chelsea Cloisters where you really will find some of the best escorts London has to offer!

Book your escorts London style

If you are going to book a girl, book your escorts London style. This means do it whilst you’re in that whisky bar, flicking through your phone. Be cool about it, it’s the most natural thing a man could do when he’s had an Old Fashioned and a big fat Cuban cigar. He wants some company. You can of course choose to have your company before, or after your steak dinner. You might want to book her after when you’ve had all that extra protein!