We’ve got some more advice for you gentlemen. We realise that some of you actually read these news articles, so it prompts us to give you something useful. As if it wasn’t enough to have a great choice of London escorts!

The best way to get good in bed is to tell you what not to do! Most of the time you’ll be absolutely fine and you’ll have nothing to worry about, but there are a few things that women simply don’t like in the bedroom. We have asked some of our London escorts to enlighten us on this subject, in order to give you a fighting chance!

Listen to your lover

Arguably the worst thing you could do in the bedroom is fail to listen. If you’re not prepared to listen to your lover when she tells you what she likes and what she doesn’t, you may as well just give up. She’ll go and find a lover who is more attentive if you’re not careful. If she moans with pleasure then it’s good, if she shouts in pain, then it’s not. It’s really easy guys!

Give her an orgasm first!

You may have to take your toolbox down there, but you simply have to make her climax first. It’s etiquette guys, and it’s simple enough to understand. Women can go over and over, but when you’re done, you’re done. She will feel disappointed and in need of relieving herself if you’re not going to do it. Again, she’ll find a better lover unless you make this a focal point during sex.

Don’t beg her to have an orgasm

You might be bored down there, and you may well want her to come more than anything else in the world, but asking her to simply won’t work! You can drag a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Have you heard that expression before? Well it’s the same thing. And if you keep asking her to come, you’ll pressure her, and it won’t happen.

Slow down

One of our London escorts was kind enough to point this out, and it happens to be something that really annoys her. You see, rushing your way through sex isn’t something that women enjoy at all. We’re all partial to a “quickie,” but if it’s not a passionate, risky encounter, it’s not the same really. Foreplay is a must with women, they’re more sensual, and much more sensitive than you can imagine. There is no “play book” for this however, and it could be an article alone. You just need to take your time and remember what we said above: listen to your lover! If she moans, she likes it. As a general rule of thumb, if she’s enjoying it, keep doing it!

Book London escorts

But don’t tell your girlfriend! We’re not saying that they’ll show you how to be good in bed, but you can perhaps pick their brains a little about the subject whilst you’re having fun together. Take one of our London escorts out to dinner and get some tips!