London escortsThere are two things you need to know about booking London escorts at Christmas. We’re going to tell you about them. Trust your friendly neighbourhood Top Secret Escorts!

Firstly we’d like to let you know just how lucky you are for choosing Top Secret to book your London escorts. We are rapidly becoming one of the first agencies truly discerning hobbyists turn to, in order to get exactly what they want. Our galleries are extensive and crammed with gorgeous girls. There’s someone for everyone; quite literally!

First things first!

As opposed to having first things last we suppose! LOL! No, seriously. Even though we have loads of girls for you to choose from right now, you may not be so lucky the closer it gets to Christmas. This is because the girls go home. Not all of them by any means, but a lot of them do. Some of the London escorts we represent have families overseas and they like to spend the festive season with them. You can hardly blame them when they work so hard over here can you?

It’s for this reason that we’re advising our clients to get your bookings in now with those you like the look of. You never know when they’re going, and you never know for how long they’ll be gone! And it won’t hurt you to have your Christmas treat a little earlier will it? Our receptionists may have some inside information about how long a particular girl will be here for, or out of the country for, but you’ll only find out by calling. We couldn’t possibly publish all the girls’ travel arrangements on the website.

Go ahead and treat yourself

The second thing you need to know about booking London escorts at Christmas is that you should. You really should just go for it. You only live once gents and you may as well make it a Christmas to remember with one or two of the best looking, most attentive and affectionate young women in London. Too many of you spend your time worrying about booking a girl, and then you never do. Those who have put it off for so long, always say that they wish they hadn’t; once they’ve had one of the girls of course. These are professional London escorts and they do this for a career. You’re in very safe hands!

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