If you’re local to Baker Street or visiting the area from out of town, you may be interested in getting together with one of our fabulous Baker Street escorts. All the girls you see on this page are local to the area and they’ve all chosen this place to reside, mostly because they really like it here. Of course, there are practical reasons why an escort chooses a particular location, like accessibility and price, but mostly they’ll manage to choose an area they like. You will find all these Baker Street escorts located pretty close to the tube station, for a nice easy incall visit.

Outcall Baker Street Escorts

You may choose to stay in a hotel near Baker Street. If you haven’t decided yet, The Blanford Hotel on Chiltern Street is very nice (not far from Chiltern Firehouse – a great restaurant!), at only around £135 a night. We also recommend The Dorset Square Hotel, which is a little more expensive, but very nice indeed. And don’t forget that our Baker Street escorts are very happy to come and visit you, or even spend the night in your hotel if you like. There are literally loads of hotels near Baker Street, so you might want to simply Google it and pick one that suits your price range.

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