It’s a broad topic to approach we know, but one we’re not going to shy away from! You see, in the escorting industry you tend to learn a little about men, women, attraction and desire. So we do know what we’re talking about.

The first thing you need to know is that women are not the enemy. It may sound stupid, but it’s a point we’d like to make. Many men approach this so called difficult task of talking to women, believing that these creatures are something to be conquered and that they will make a mockery out of any attempts to pick them up. If you have these negative thoughts and visions, you need to work on those first. Let it be said here and now that women actually want to be approached and spoken to. In much the same way as you do of course!

Be yourself

So hopefully you’ll be working on getting rid of your fear of women. You will know now that they are not the enemy and that they want to be approached. Obviously if the woman you want to speak to is scowling at you from across the room when you look, don’t approach her. There’s a lot of common sense to this. Just because you’ve been seeing London escorts and they’re always nice to you, it doesn’t mean that all women will be!

What women want, and what our London escorts want, is for you to be yourself. They go a lot more for your personality than the way you look or the way you “act.” So, don’t act, and don’t be self-conscious. If you’re a nice person, they will be attracted to you. It makes sense. It’s mostly about your confidence we know, but once you’ve made the first move and actually concentrated on being yourself, you’ll be amazed with the results.

Talk about her

Don’t talk about yourself, talk about her. Start with a compliment perhaps. Ask her about herself. Make sure you actually find her interesting though, and don’t just pretend to find her interesting. The majority of intelligent women will know straight away when you’re feeding them a line just to get in their pants! It’s really not worth your trouble.

It’s worth telling you what not to do. She’s interested in nice guys. If she’s a decent person she is anyway. If she’s just interested in what you do and how much money you have, say what you like, because in our opinion she’s not worth your trouble and it’s a relationship that simply won’t work out if that’s what you’re looking for. At least London escorts don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are! They charge money to spend time with you, and you choose to pay them. It’s a great business, and business is booming!

To summarise

To summarise, don’t bullshit the woman you want to get to know. She may humour you, but it won’t gain you any ground at all. Be yourself, and if she likes who you really are, then you’re in right? The most basic advice is sometimes the very best.

Take heed!