You have all seen a Bond movie we assume? If you’re an Englishman, don’t you just love those Russian femme fatales? Their sexy broken English accent and their mysterious, yet slightly dangerous looks can drive you wild when you are watching them on the big screen. Now imagine actually spending some quality time with one or more of these wonderful women. No, don’t worry, there’s nothing dangerous about them! It’s all very sensual, sexy and provocative, believe us. Here you will find our finest selection of Russian escorts in London at the moment. They’re always popular with both English and foreign clients, simply because they take so naturally to the escort industry.

Natural charisma with Russian escorts

So they may look and sound like Bond villains, but they’re really not bad girls (not unless you want them to be!) No, on the contrary, we find the Russian escorts we represent here at Top Secret to be among the friendliest and most elegant young women from across the water. As we said earlier, they are naturals! They can handle themselves in any social situation, they are confident and chatty, and this makes them as sexy as hell. Wait until you’ve booked one of them and requested for them to be dressed up nice and sophisticated for dinner. Imagine those cute figures and long legs in an evening or cocktail dress. Could you actually last through dinner without swooning?

This natural charisma extends to making you feel incredibly relaxed too. It like they have some sort of magical power over their clients to put them at ease. And they do all this without even trying. We can honestly say that, even though we represent girls from all over the world, Russian escorts really do have the technique down! Call us when you’re ready to book!